Winch Rigging Accessories – What You Need On The Trails!

If you’re serious about off-roading, the importance of a strong winch mounted on your steel bumper is something you understand. Hopefully, you also realize that there’s more to winching than just installing truck winch bumpers as the winch is only one part of the recovery equation.

To safely and correctly winch your truck or Jeep, be sure to have these essential rigging accessories stowed in the back so your recovery efforts are effective and nobody gets hurt.

-----Heavy Duty Gloves - Don’t even think about using a winch without a thick pair of heavy duty winching gloves. Your hands can become seriously injured during a winching operation, so protect them with a durable pair of padded leather or Kevlar gloves to take the abuse. Keep them with the winching accessories kit so they don’t get misplaced.

-----Tree Trunk Protector - For a safe winch recovery, you need a tree trunk protector connected to the winch cable on your truck winch bumper. Buy one made from heavy duty nylon with forged steel connector rings attached on reinforced end loops. A tree trunk protector offers the leverage needed to winch a truck without damaging the tree or any solid object you wrap it around. Never use a recovery strap for winching or in place of a tree trunk protector.

-----Winch Shackle - To correctly attach a tree trunk protector to winching cable, you’ll need a strong shackle made of cast or forged steel specifically designed for winching. It should be made with a threaded pin that can be easily opened and closed while offering the most security.  

-----Snatch Block - This is important to have in your kit for times when your tree or anchor point is not directly in front of the truck and pulling will be at an angle. Snatch blocks swivel to let you pull from a different direction without causing damage or friction to the cable. Working as a pulley, snatch blocks attach to the shackle on the tree trunk protector with cable passing through to allow double and two-way winching.

-----Winch Hook - To complete a winching setup, a strong steel winch hook attached to the end of the cable on your truck winch bumper will be needed. The best hooks are made with a screw-in pin that can be threaded through the loop on the winch cable. Hooks can be attached using a second shackle. Always use a large enough hook to accommodate whatever cable, shackle or anchor point it is attached to.   

All of the above should be accessible in your rigging kit for a safe truck winching recovery. Include a recovery strap in the kit but don’t use it for winching. A blanket or tarp to lay over the winch cable to weigh it down if something lets go is also a good idea. With these few accessories on hand, you should have no problem using the winches on quality steel bumpers designed to help you get out of a sticky situation!

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