Winching Options Part 1 – Selecting And Mounting A Winch!

So you’ve got an off-road Jeep or truck and want to put a winch on it?

A winch sure is an essential piece of recovery gear and really helpful on the trail,that is as long as you have the right one!

Winching power and safety depend on choosing the right one plus knowing how to correctly mount it on your Jeep or truck winch bumper.

Whether you’re adding a winch to a Jeep JL, Gladiator or any full-size pickup, read up on how to choose the right winch for your ride and then safely mount it on a 2019 Chevy 1500 Matrix front bumper or 2019 Dodge 1500 Matrix front bumpers, the Grumper, or any other winch-safe bumper.

Considerations for Selecting A Great Winch

A reliable winch is one that’s properly chosen based on your vehicle’s size, the power it needs to generate, and what accessories you choose to use with it.

  • Quality - There are many winch brands, so start by researching the different brands and their product quality, reliability, customer service offerings, and then read reviews from actual owners and users of each winch. Naturally, you want to rely on a winch with a good reliability track record that is made by a company that's there to help out when you need it. Also see if there are reviews from verified purchasers who are having success with their winches
  • Size - No matter how much power your winch is capable of, you can only safely winch according to the weight of your vehicle. The general rule of thumb is to buy something that’s rated for 1.5 times your Jeep or truck weight, including any extra accessories that add weight to a vehicle, like a 2019 Chevy 1500 Matrix front bumper.
  • Cable Type - Metal or synthetic, there are pluses and minuses to both. Cables are generally stronger and last longer without decomposing so quickly, while synthetic ropes are easier and safer to use as well as lighter weight.
  • Shackles, Terminator Blocks, Fairleads - The type and quality of accessories used on your winch will affect its power and your ability to rely on that winch for a safe pull. Every winch comes with parts that are strong enough for the size of the winch; however, if you want to add durability and remove any doubt, upgrade these components to stronger, more durable options.

Winch Mounting Considerations

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate winch for your truck or Jeep, mounting it correctly is the next critical step to ensure winching success:

  • Choose A Secure Mounting Surface - Your winch is only as strong as the surface you mount it to, so it's essential to choose a truck winch bumper made of heavy duty steel that has been designed to have a winch mounted. Anything else is going to be torn from your vehicle when you put full force on your winch and create an extremely dangerous situation.
  • Mount the Winch - Once there is a strong, sturdy base like a 2019 Dodge 1500 Matrix front bumper or some other bumper, carefully mount the winch. Many bumpers come pre-drilled for mounting popular winches; however, if yours isn’t like that, use the mounting template provided with the winch to drill holes exactly where they need to be.
  • Connect the Wiring - With the winch securely bolted onto the bumper, connect the power cables directly to the battery without grounding them to any other parts of the vehicle; current should flow directly from the battery to the winch.
  • Pretension the Cable - Get your winch ready to use by completely rolling out the cable and then slowly wrapping it around the drum a few times to the point that shows how much needs to be wrapped before applying tension. Then pretension the cable by hooking your vehicle to a stationary anchor point and slowly winding in the cable and guiding the wraps so they layer tightly and correctly.

Safe Winching Wrap-up

Choosing the right winch for your Jeep or truck and then mounting it correctly is not something to be taken lightly.

With the above tips, you can find a winch highly suitable to your needs and get it securely mounted to your Jeep or truck winch bumper for safe, easy, and reliable winching!

Check out the second part of this article on winching and learn about hooks and how to pick the best one in Winching Options Part 2 - Choosing A Practical Hook!

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