Winter Is Close – Is Your Off-Roader Ready For Winter Trails?

Winter is right around the corner and with it, the chilling weather that can take a real bite out of your outdoor adventuring.

Fortunately, it can still be a lot of fun to head out off-roading in your truck as long as you’re well prepared.

In addition to having the right off-road equipment, make the cold weather preparations your truck needs so you can explore the countryside safely even when the temperatures drop.

You’ll get the most enjoyment from it without the hazards that can come with cold-weather wheeling.

Use the Right Tires

Depending on where you plan to go and how much snow driving you will do, a set of snow tires could be a good idea.

Generally speaking, your rugged AT tires can handle some snow; however, for more extreme driving, tires designed specifically to grip snow and stay pliant even in colder conditions is best.

Most snow tires can go from road to trail and back, giving you plenty of traction on either surface.

Other options are snow chains or having your tires siped so you have more gripping ability in the snow.

Check and Top Off All Fluids

Cold temperatures can be just as hard on your truck as hot temperatures, so it’s essential that you check all vital fluids before heading out.

Always change to a lower viscosity oil once the days get colder and check to make sure it’s full.

If the temperatures get extreme, you might consider getting an oil pan heater to help keep the oil flowing.

Change to a good cold weather coolant that won’t freeze, then check your other fluids to make sure everything is full.

Make Sure the Heater Works

Test the heater in your truck before you go off-roading to make sure it’s working; if it doesn’t work for some reason, get it repaired.

You will quickly regret going out on a snowy day if there’s no heat in the truck; it can affect your ability to keep your windshield from fogging up among other things.

Check Your Battery

Cold can kill a weak battery pretty fast, leaving you dangerously stranded in cold temperatures; test yours before you head out for the day so you know it’s working.

If there’s any reason to question whether it will last, be safe rather than sorry; invest in a new long-life battery so you can go off-roading with peace of mind.

Test the Windshield Wipers

Switch your windshield wiper fluid to winter-grade fluid that won’t freeze and wash your windshield with it to make sure it’s through the lines and that your wiper blades work with it.

If you need to, put on a new set of blades so it’s easy to keep your windshield clean for good visibility.

Pack for Emergencies

Anytime you are off-roading in cold conditions, prepare for cold-weather emergencies just in case; you never know when you could end up broken down somewhere at night.

Pack thermal clothes, space blankets, a tent, and other essential camping and survival gear; hand and boot warmers can be a lifesaver.

Bring a flashlight that will charge in the cigarette lighter so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries.

Pack plenty of extra food or emergency rations for everyone in your party.

Naturally, you’ll want to bring some extra coolant and fuel for your truck as well.

Have Fun in the Snow!

Off-roading in winter can be a blast; it’s vastly different than summertime wheeling, especially when there’s snow on the ground.

As long as your truck is prepped for wintertime driving along with having equipment you need for easy trail riding, you’ll have a great time.

Just remember the buddy system and go out with other trucks so that everyone stays safe together!

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