Winter Jeep Adventures – Are You Ready?

When the days get chilly and the snow starts to fall, most other outdoor sports have long since been paused until spring, which is what’s great about off-roading in a Jeep.

It’s just as fun in the winter as it is in the summer.

After investing in those custom Jeep JL steel bumpers and a new Jeep JL fender system, why not take advantage of it?

As long as you prepare for the weather, you can have a great time.

Your off-roader is designed to handle rough and sloppy going, whether it be rocky trails, mud, or snow and slush.

Driving in the snow can be a lot of fun as long as your Jeep is ready for the weather.

Fortunately, the only winterizing your Jeep needs should take just a few minutes at the most.

Replace Your Coolant

Good coolant that can flow freely through the cooling system is essential to keep your engine from overheating or freezing.

Flush the cooling system out and replace your current coolant with a new, high-quality type so you don’t run into problems.  

Add Winter Accessories

If you have specific snow tires, now is the time to put them on especially if you’re planning to hit the trails.

Even if you leave your A/T tires on, think about replacing your windshield wipers with new ones and adding mud flaps or better yet Jeep JL fenders.

Service the Brakes

When driving in the snow, your brakes need to function precisely.

A brake servicing before heading to the trails for the first time is a good idea to ensure they are properly adjusted and sensitive.

Carry A Winter Emergency Kit

As if you don’t have enough other things to carry in your Jeep when off-roading, be sure to add a winter emergency kit.

This pack should include things like a blanket, extra gloves, ice scraper, foldable shovel, hand warmer heat packs, and anything else you might need to dig yourself out or stay warm while waiting for help.

Now would also be a good time to get a set of traction plates if you don’t already have them.

They’re good for getting out of the mud and sand as well as the snow.

Be sure to keep recovery gear with you regardless of the weather, just in case.

Put on the Hard Top

If you’ve been enjoying the breeze all summer long with a soft top, it’s time to say goodbye to it for a few months.

Get the hard-top back on your Jeep so you have protection from the wind, snow, and biting cold.

Winterize Yourself

Even if your truck is totally ready for joy riding in the cold, you won’t enjoy it unless you are.

Check the weather before you head out and dress accordingly.

Dress in layers, wear a hat and/or earmuffs, and always wear gloves.

Bring along snacks and drinks in thermal mugs.

Whether you get out of your Jeep to simply enjoy nature or must deal with a flat tire, you’ll be prepared against the cold.

When The Autumn Leaves Fall...

When the leaves begin changing colors, winter will arrive faster than you know it.

You'll enjoy your Jeep in all seasons when you’re ready. Fill up your gas tank, load supplies, and head out for some wintertime fun.

With a little bit of preparation, you can have a great time driving snowy trails in your fully equipped and winterized Jeep!

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