Words of Wisdom When Buying A Used Off Road Truck!

Buying a used truck can sometimes be more fun than purchasing a new one. It’s like searching for that diamond in the rough - flipping through tons of truck ads, weeding through the junk and the overpriced, looking for that perfectly-optioned ride that’s in the condition you want - or will at least accept.

Why Buy Used?

There are some big benefits to buying used, too! It’s already broken in, so there’s no need to worry about babying it. The warranty is likely long gone, allowing you to modify away to your heart’s content. It might already even have a few modifications that you’d want to do! And perhaps best of all, a used truck is often half or less the price of a new one, leaving you with more money in your pocket to throw at some good truck mods!

You always get a better bang for your buck with a used vehicle; that’s a plain and simple fact. But now that a used truck is yours, you really should make it “yours.” One of the best ways to customize your Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, or Toyota truck is to add some exterior bolt-ons that will transform the entire look of your truck.

Adding Aftermarket Parts

While many truck owners often address wheels and tires first, newer trucks have bumpers that can often be a limiting factor on tire size. Luckily for a used truck purchaser, it might be possible to put a larger lump sum of money together without a new truck payment and be able to plan the aftermarket mods to work together—like adding a Fab Fours bumper that is designed to provide more clearance for much larger-than-stock tires.

Planning the aftermarket mods out for your truck will not only help give a better facelift to it, but it will also better ensure that all the parts work better together. That will leave you with less problems and more fun time!

Oh, and one last bit of advice: purchasing a used truck can be tricky. You may find one with a lot of modifications that you already want. While this can be highly desirable, it can also not be. Make sure that your potential new truck has not been absolutely trashed by a previous owner and then been given a really good wipe-down job to hide the issues. Sometimes starting off with a bone stock truck is your best bet!

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