You A New Jeep Owner? It’s A Whole Other World Out There!

Congratulations on your new Jeep!

Whether you bought a Wrangler for upgrading with Fab Fours Jeep JL bumpers and tube doors for awesome off-roading, a Renegade for some cool cross-country fun, or Cherokee for gentler trail riding and daily driving - welcome to the Jeep family.

When you own a Jeep, you own much more than just a great 4WD vehicle that can take you from the street to the trail and back again.

You are welcomed into a society of other Jeep owners who pride their Jeeps and love celebrating them with each other, far and wide.

There are all sorts of ways you can get involved with other enthusiasts to share the love, too.

Jeep Wave

There is a Jeep Wave? Yup, this coined phrase is a customary greeting between Jeep owners as they pass each other on the road.

Used by those driving any Jeep model but especially by those driving Wranglers, the Jeep Wave has become a sign of camaraderie and recognition, indicating that the waver is a diehard Jeep enthusiast.

Naturally, there is nothing that requires Jeep owners to do the wave to each other; it’s a greeting that has been used since the early days of the Willys and the CJ then handed down to become a tradition among today’s Jeep owners.

To receive a wave from another Jeep owner is like a badge of honor; naturally, you’re expected to return it.

Jeep Jamboree

Organized Jeep events that have been going on since the first one in 1954, Jeep Jamborees are planned all over the country all year long except for a 2-month break during the holiday season.

Jamborees are great events for owners of any type of Jeep to attend and get to meet other Jeep owners, make friends and connections, learn about their Jeeps, and have a lot of fun.

Typically focused around different activities like treks, trail rides, and different off-road tests and competitions, Jamborees are a great time for anyone who attends to share their excitement in Jeep ownership.

Regional, State, and Local Jeep Clubs

Beyond the many Jamborees all over the U.S. every year, there are also many Jeep clubs you can join to share closer to home your love for your Jeep.

Local, state and regional chapters of many Jeep clubs can be found around every corner.

Here, Jeep owners can make friends with other Jeep lovers, enjoy club meetings and other social engagements, plus learn from each other as many members of these clubs are involved in off-roading and Jeep mods.

Most clubs have online message boards or Facebook groups as well, so staying in contact and participating in conversations is simple.

The Jeep Culture

Beyond the Jamboree and the clubs, there is an entire Jeep culture to take part in if you are as excited about yours as most Jeep owners seem to be.

The Jeep Wave is only one part of a culture that goes deeper, where Jeep owners become family who all appreciate the history of their Jeep, help each other out when there is need, and even organize events to aid the community.

In the same way that some family groups gather for summer picnics every year or plan family events, the Jeep family continues to do the same on a grander scale.

Jeep culture is outdoorsy, adventurous, and exciting, especially when shared with other Jeep owners who can really appreciate all that enthusiasm.

Step Into the World of Jeep - Enjoy More Than Just A 4x4!

What began as simply a large following for a favored vehicle brand, the Jeep family and world has expanded to become a way of life that individuals and families alike happily embrace.

When you share your Jeep love with other Jeep enthusiasts, it’s hard not to enjoy Jeep ownership even more.

With so many ways to connect with other Jeep lovers today, you’ll soon find that urge to go Jeeping with others an important part of your life!

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