You Got LED Lights – Great – Where Do You Put Them?


Options in aftermarket LED lighting for off-road trucks and Jeeps have exploded in the last few years, making tons of new products now available to suit anyone’s needs.

With this flood of great lighting options in different shapes and sizes, the biggest question you may have is this: where should you put them?

While the most obvious place to start installing LED off-road lighting on your vehicle is within the provided openings on aftermarket bumpers like the Vengeance or the Premium front bumpers by Fab Fours, these are far from your only choices.

Get creative with your aftermarket lighting to make your after-dark off-roading safer and more fun while decking out your trail-worthy beast with a unique, custom look!

Bumper Lighting

If you’re planning on eventually equipping your off-roader with extra lighting, be sure to install an aftermarket bumper that gives you places to add lights.

A few cube or dually lights in the ends of your front and rear bumpers make a great addition to the stock headlights and back-up lights – and look pretty cool!

Bumpers are a choice location for additional fog lights when the stock lights just aren’t enough.

Some bumpers can also accommodate center light bars to add even more glow to your front end.

Combined with some of the other lighting options available, a few smaller cubes can help improve the look of your truck while still providing the durable front and rear-end protection you need.

Grille Lighting

If you want more than just bumper lighting, consider adding some lights to your grille.

Pick up a grille cover or insert for your truck, then slip in a light bar for added front-end lighting that looks really stylish.

Some light bars can also be mounted behind your stock grille with special clips.

Roof Lighting

Depending on what you do with your truck and how extreme you want to get, add a light bar to add some brightness and improve your look or even a whole row of spots or flood lights so you can see far into the distance for night driving.

A-Pillar Lighting

One place that might not be so obvious for mounting off-road lighting is on the A-pillar.

A-pillar lights or ditch lights mount on the windshield A-pillar just on top of the fender.

Aimed downward, they illuminate to the side of the vehicle to make spotting ditches and roadside hazards easier.

They’re great for driving along new trails or anyplace where you need a good look beside you to stay safely on the trail and avoid driving into ditches and down inclines along the way.

Rock Lighting

Another overlooked type of lighting that can be added to your off-road truck or Jeep is rock lighting.

Rock lights are small accessory lights you can line up along the rocker panels to illuminate the side of the vehicle as well as the ground below it or anyplace else you need a little extra visibility.

They’re commonly used on fender wells to illuminate the tires for added visibility.

Ready to Get Decked Out with LED Off-Road Lights?

When your stock lighting just isn’t enough for safe wheeling at night or you just want your off-road truck or Jeep to look great, LED lighting in the bumpers along the visor and other places on the truck or Jeep are the perfect fix.

With so many options now available in round and cube lights as well as light bars, you can deck your ride out with all the added lighting you need to increase visibility while creating a custom look that’s all you.

Aftermarket bumpers and accessories like the ViCowl from Fab Fours make customizing and adding utility to your vehicle just plain easy!

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