Your Off Roading Passion – Garage Time or Trail Time?

If there’s one thing that anyone in love with off roading understands, it’s got to be the fact that time on the trail invariably starts - and sometimes ends - with time in the garage. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since off roading enjoyment involves making mods like adding bigger tires, a stronger suspension, and custom bumpers. This is wrench time to prepare for ride time. Unfortunately, mishaps on the trail can bring you back into the garage for repair time.

The big question that offroaders need to ask before heading out is how can they reduce repairs after the fact? And the answer is - concentrate on the right mods and mechanical prep ahead of time!

Understand Trail vs. Garage Time

When it comes to successful off roading, it’s important to realize that there’s an essential relationship going on between trail time and garage time. They balance each other out; ocne cannot exist without the other. Knowing this, every enthusiast needs to face the fact that having their fun takes the commitment necessary to get their truck in shape for the kind of off roading they want to do.

Skimping on prep time shouldn't be negotiable. Not taking the time for maintenance, cleaning off last week’s mud, or even making important modifications like adding a roll cage or a steel bumper leaves that prized off-road truck or Jeep a lot more susceptible to damage out on the trail. The necessary relationship between garage time and trail time will undoubtedly include some repair time. So why not instead allow for some prep time to get that truck completely ready for the trail?

Learn to Enjoy Both Sides of the Trail

That said, there is a lot of enjoyment that can be had in working on an off road truck, even if you’re anxious to get it out to the trail. After all, not everything has to be done at once. Take your limitations into account as you slowly start to add better mods. Start off with the basics, like the right tires, better struts, and aftermarket bumpers. The more specialized equipment can be added over time.

In doing so, learn to enjoy using your truck on the trails and improving it at home. For some, planning modifications, then getting to slowly add them is part of the excitement of owning an off road truck. It’s a little like the kid in a candy store theory, only in this case it's waiting for those parts to arrive and then having a great time installing them. It can be even more fun when you work with friends or family members on a project together. There’s a lot of positive to be said about that pre-trail garage time when off roaders learn to appreciate it.

Commit To Prep Time

So what’s the point in all of this? Well, basically to just explain that time in the garage is normal, at least to a certain extent, and it should be enjoyable in its own way. Naturally, the goal is to get off road trucks to the trails as often as possible. To do that, truck owners need to also commit to the prep time. Spending quality time adding necessary improvements like steel truck bumpers with winches and taller struts offers off roaders time to really get to know their trucks and understand how all those modifications help them out on the trail. Done ahead of time, it also reduces the chance of damage that will later need repairing.

Learn to enjoy both sides of the garage-trail relationship, make the necessary modifications, and perform required maintenance before rushing right out to the trails in your special off road truck. It’ll contribute to a longer, safer time out of the garage in the long run!

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