Jeep JK

Built to Defend...The Fab Fours' Armor System focuses on Protection, Strength, Functionality and Aggressive Styling. Engineered and Crafted to be the toughest armor in the industry built by proud American Workers and Premium US Steel right here in Lancaster, SC.

Application: 2007-2017 Jeep JK Wrangler

ARMOR SYSTEM // 2007-17 Jeep JK

2007-2017 Jeep JK Door Skins

JK3000-1 // Front Door Skin

JK3002-1 // Rear Door Skin

2007-2017 Jeep JK Front Door Skin Mirror Guard

JK3001-1 // Front Door Skin Mirror Guard

2007-17 Jeep JK Rear Door Plate

JK2000-1 // Rear Door Plate

2007-17 Jeep JK Limb Riser

JK1060-1 // ViCowl Limb Riser

JK1061-1 // Limb Riser

2007-17 Jeep JK Fender System

JK1000-1 // JK Front Replacement Fender

JK1001-1 // 4-Door JK Rear Replacement Fender

JK1002-1 // Jeep JK Front Inner Replacement Fender

JK1003-1 // Jeep JK Front Fender Flare


Product Details


Protects Doors

Stainless Steel Hardware

Modular Design

Aggressive Styling

Rear Fenders fit 4 door only

Provides Greater Tire Clearence

Allows for Larger Tire

Rear Fender Base (JK1001-1) includes 16 gauge removable skin

Optional - Rear High Arching Fender Flare ( JK1005-1)

Technical Specifications


Door Skins//12 Gauge Steel
Mirror Guard//11 Gauge Steel
Base Fender, Fender Flare//11 Gauge Steel
Removable Fender Skin//16 Gauge Steel


2 Stage Matte Black Powder Coat w/ epoxy primer
Bare Steel


Front Door Skin// Weight 25lbs; Height 24 1/2"; Width 1/8"; Length 34 1/2"
Front Door Skin Mirror Guard// Weight 20lbs; Height 24 1/2"; Width 1/8"; Length 34 1/2"
Rear Door Skin// Weight 12lbs; Height 12"; Width 8 1/2"; Length 24"
Flare// Weight 16 Lbs; Height 12"; Width 6"; Length 38"


2007-2017 Jeep JK Wrangler