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General Questions

Is Fab Fours connected in any way to any of the other bumper companies that are out there?

Not at all. No one at Fab Fours has ever owned or operated or even worked at another bumper manufacturer. Fab Fours was started in 2005 by two friends and off-road enthusiasts that were working outside of the automotive aftermarket.

Do your bumpers affect the airbag functionality?

No, one misconception of airbags is that they are triggered by impact to the bumper, this is not true. Actually there are sensors that activate the deployment of the airbag. Sensors are located either in the front of the vehicle in the passenger or engine compartment. Different types of sensors measuring wheel speed, seat occupant status, brake pressure and impact, and other vehicle status indicators are monitored by the airbag control unit located in the front portion of the cabin. The sensors relay signals to the airbag control unit, which analyzes the data and can orchestrate safety features like seat belt lock, automatic door locks, as well as airbag deployment.

What winches fit in your bumpers?

Our 3/4 ton and up full size truck bumpers are all built to take the WARN 16.5 or smaller or any of the other brands with a similar size and bolt pattern. For the mid size bumpers we recommend anything in the 9500 pound range or smaller. If you have any questions about a particular winch feel free to call us at 1-866-385-1905.

Are the lights included with the Premium Winch bumpers?

Yes, the FAB FOURS' 90mm fog lights and 60mm turn signals are included with every Premium Winch bumper where they are pictured. The lights come complete with all the wiring as well.

Do you have a booth at the SEMA show?

Yes, we are SEMA members and regular exhibitors at the show. Check out www.semashow.com for more info. Come by the booth and say Hi!

Do you build your own replacement bumpers?

Yes, Fab Fours designs and builds plate steel replacement winch bumpers for Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan. Everything is made here in Charlotte, NC. Hand finished and hand welded. We are proud to manufacturer our products in the USA using skilled craftsman and not robots.