Bump Up Your Intensity With Trail Ready Bumpers


If you’re looking for an impressive, trail ready bumper for your Dodge Ram HD, the Matrix front bumper from Fab Fours combined the best elements of the Premium Series bumpers with the Vengeance Series and created a form-fitting bumper that is both functional and stylish.

Check out the video below that will take you step-by-step through the simple installation process for the 2019 Dodge HD Matrix series front bumper, have your truck dismantled, and then get yours put on today!

1. Install Optional Lighting:

  • Install any additional lighting in the light housings.
  • Install the cube LED lights in the light inserts by bolting them into position.
  • Use the LED light hardware given to you by the manufacturer to tightly bolt them into position.
  • Use the two light bar brackets to place your 30-inch light bar into the light housing.
  • Bolt the brackets into position using the ¼” bolt stacks given to you in the bumper hardware kit.
  • Tighten the bolts using a 7/16” socket wrench or impact driver.

2. Add the Winch Tray:

  • After re-installing the innercooler according to the bumper directions, loosely install the provided winch tray to the frame.
  • Use a ¾” socket wrench and provided ½” bolts and washers to install the winch tray.
  • Tighten the bolt stacks firmly to the frame so the winch can be installed securely.

3. Install the Winch:

  • Now install the winch to the winch tray using the hardware provided by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure all of the hardware is tightened firmly to the winch and winch tray.
  • Relocate the wiring for the winch remote up and around the engine compartment.
  • Zip tie the wiring to the top of the frame around the radiator for a neat and clean finish.

4. Reinstall the Grill:

5. Install the Trail Ready Bumper:

  • With someone’s help, lift the bumper into place on the truck.
  • The gap between the body of the truck and the bumper top should be around ⅜ of an inch.
  • Loosely install the bumper to the winch tray with provided ½” bolts and washers.
  • When the bumper is in the correct placement, tighten all of the hardware with a ¾” socket.

6. Install the Fairlead and Lighting:

  • Now install the winch fairlead onto the provided slot on the bumper.
  • Next install the provided light boxes into each side of the bumper.
  • Install the lighting from the back side and into the tab slots etched on the inside.
  • Using the provided 5/16” bolts and washers, tighten the boxes into position with a socket.

And that’s it – your Fab Fours 2019 Dodge HD Matrix winch-ready bumper with winch and optional lighting is installed and ready to roll!

As intense and involved as trail ready bumper installation may seem, it’s great to know that you can have it bolted in just an hour or two using only a few tools and an extra person to help you do the lifting when the time comes.

When you’re looking for top-of-the-line, unique design, superior innovation, and a mod you can do on your own, 2019 Dodge HD Matrix series front bumpers by Fab Fours are the right choice!

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