Calling On America – Together We Can Rise Above COVID-19!


Fab Fours has always prided itself for building quality bumpers and aftermarket parts right here in the United States.

American owned delivering American quality, we feel it’s our duty as Americans to step up and help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s a word from Greg Higgs, owner and founder of Fab Fours, explaining what Fab Fours can do to help in the U.S. during this global pandemic.

Hi, my name is Greg Higgs and this is my company, Fab Fours.

Yesterday, I made a personal post but today I’m appealing to the entire Fab Fours nation.

We have a reach of over 200,000 people and I’m counting on you to listen to this message – it’s important.

So, you know us for making awesome bumpers, they’re the coolest things out there.

Well, what you might not be familiar with is so many bumpers go to first responders, border patrol, ambulances.

They’re critical to helping those guys do their jobs and that’s more important now than ever, so we’re expediting as needed.

But equally important to that, I think it’s our duty to keep this capacity open.

We are taking every safety precaution for my people, from staggered breaks and others, to make sure that we stay safe but we want to stay open because like the President said, you know the private sector can solve a lot of the problems.

We are trying to flatten the curve as a nation, but we also gotta fight the pandemic.

And so we’re doing things like manufacturing steps and forearm door openers, things that stop the spread of the germs for those that do need to go to work right now through this.

And I am appealing to all our followship; you know somebody who knows somebody.

The government is big, it is strong, but it is slow.

We don’t need that; the private sector can act on its own accord to some extent.

If you’re out there in the healthcare industry and you have any access to anybody that could make a decision on filling needs for you, we can mobilize to make 100 hospital beds tomorrow; I could get you three thousand by the end of next week.

That’s the power of businesses like mine and there’s thousands of us around the country.

So, I’m appealing to you –

Any inquiry that you guys might have where we could utilize some of this capacity to solve real problems in the healthcare industry or any of the first responding around the country – that’s what we want to do.

It’s our duty to be open and take care of our customers but more importantly, keep this capacity available should we be able to help this pandemic.

So to recap our capabilities: we’re a fabrication shop – laser cutting, forming, fabricating, polishing, mandrel tube bending, then powder coating, packaging – all under one roof.

So it makes us a unique, real-time, quick supplier because we can go tip-to-tail without outsourcing a single piece of that.

Do you know how we could apply those resources, please hit us up, again:

The government is going to do the best that they can; well, we haven’t felt it yet, so for right now it’s people helping people.

We’re here, we’re open, and we’re ready.

Send us your inquiries.

Until then, take care.


Americans helping Americans.

At Fab Fours, we’re here to do our part to uphold our country in its time of need so we can all rise above COVID-19.

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