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Off-Road Truck HID Lamps – Why Do I Need Them?

Anyone who enjoys off-roading at night surely understands the importance of having good off-road lights. Whether they’re mounted on a light bar across the roof or added to front truck bumpers, high intensity discharge (HID) lights can really improve the experience when on the trails after dark. They may be a bit of an additional expense, but there’s a lot of reasons why off-road owners want to add HID lights to their list of upgrades for their trucks. When compared with other lights, they perform much better overall. Brighter, More Intense Light In comparison to standard halogen and even brighter LED bulbs, … READ MORE >


Important Considerations When Choosing Steel Truck Bumpers

Upgrading the stock bumper on off-road vehicles is a common modification that many vehicle owners make.  Strong, durable bumpers are an important piece of protective equipment that many off-road vehicles should have. A correct upgrade involves more than just unbolting the OEM bumper and replacing it with a steel bumper. Vehicle owners should consider a few important thoughts to make sure they choose the right bumpers and properly protect their vehicles. With the right off-road bumper installation, off-roaders can hit the trails with few worries. How Will the Vehicle Be Used? There are a lot of different off-road bumpers available today, each … READ MORE >


Does My Off Road Bumper Need A Winch?

A common question that owners of off-road vehicles ask is whether or not they should invest in a winch bumper. Custom bumpers can be expensive, especially those that have built-in winches. Not every off-road vehicle needs a winch on its bumper, although most off-road enthusiasts recommend it. Even though vehicle owners may never actually use their winch, that one time that they do, it will pay for itself many times over. What Does A Winch Bumper Do? A winch bumper is an important accessory that anyone who off-roads may want to consider before heading out onto the trails. Available on front bumpers, … READ MORE >


Designed With Tire Clearance in Mind!

It’s fun to build a truck piece by piece! When you add your own touches, you can tailor your truck to be the way you want, to do what you want. And nine times out of 10, the first pieces to be added when outfitting a new truck are the lift, wheels, and tires. After that, the bumpers are usually next on the improvement list. And more often than not, it’s none too soon of a mod: The main obstacle to adding larger tires to your late-model truck or SUV is tire clearance (and usually in the front end). If the … READ MORE >