Don’t Head Off-Roading Without This Vital Stuff!


As pumped up as you might be to head out for a stimulating day of off-roading fun, have you ever taken into consideration the worst that could happen when making your preparations?

Off-roading mishaps do happen, you certainly know that to be a fact which means you’d be much better off and safer by just assuming the possibilities and preparing for the worst that could happen!

Don’t head out on the trails with your off-roader or climbing over rocks without making sure you’ve got this vital recovery and repair stuff along for the ride!

1. Heavy Work Gloves

No matter what’s happened off-road that’s got you stopped and contemplating a recovery or making some repairs, it’s going to involve your hands.

Carry multiple pairs of leather work gloves in your truck to protect one of your most important and necessary tools – your hands – from potentially serious injury while working on your truck or trying to get unstuck.

2. A Recovery Kit and MaxTrax

Another fact of off-roading life: sooner or later, most off-road drivers are going to get stuck while negotiating an obstacle.

Whether you’re stuck in the mud or high-centered on a pile of rocks, your recovery kit is what’s going to get you going again.

Keep a kit that includes recovery straps, shackles, and snatch blocks that are suited for winching your vehicle size and weight, whether you have a winch or not.

The best rule of thumb is to be prepared to help yourself and also help others who are helping you with the Grumper on their Jeep.

Make a set of MaxTrax traction aids part of your recovery kit, since you can use them under your wheels or also as shovels.

3. LED Flashlights or Work Lighting

Even in broad daylight, lighting can be an issue when you’re making field repairs to your off-road beast.

Give yourself all the lighting you need day or night by keeping a few LED flashlights or even better, LED work lights in your off-road emergency kit primarily because LED lights shine brighter and use less battery power to give you better light for a longer period of time.

4. A Set of Hand Tools

A good set of automotive hand tools is one necessity that should go without saying.

Whether just fixing a loose clamp or bolt on your Grumper or tackling a more involved repair, a set of tools in the sizes you need is a critical item that you shouldn’t leave home without.

5. A Tire Repair Kit and Some Old Boards

The most common repair you’ll likely need to make while out off-roading is fixing a flat tire so be ready for it by including a good tire repair kit in your emergency supplies.

If you carry with you the ability to plug holes and even small tears, you can likely get things patched up enough to get back to civilization to replace the damaged tire.

Make your tire repair easier by carrying some wood boards that can be used to create a clean, level working surface.

6. An Air Compressor

Air compressors are off-road accessories that are on the more expensive side; however, they serve multiple purposes.

Off-roading drivers primarily carry compressors to air their tires up and down as needed for negotiating mud, sand, and rocks with their rock-eating beast.

That same air compressor plays a vital role in getting you going again when you have to stop and make a tire repair; however, having the means to fix that tire on your great off-road truck is worthless if you can’t air it back up!

7. A Jump Starter

For those times when a mechanical issue or even accidentally leaving something running in your truck too long leaves you with a dead battery, a high capacity lithium-ion jump start battery pack can be a real lifesaver.

Best of all, they charge off your cigarette lighter while your vehicle is running, beforehand – handy!

Be Prepared for Recovery with This Vital Gear!

If you’ve off-roaded for any length of time, you already know that getting stuck or needing some kind of minor repair is the norm.

Keep these minor issues from becoming major headaches by always packing the right recovery gear.

That way at the end of the day when you’re ready to kick back and light up that brand new Jeep Fire Pit you’re dying to use, you were prepared to rescue your modded-up truck or Jeep before common, basic issues could ruin your day!

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