Got Your Overland Rack? Let’s Go Jeep Camping!


Jeeps are great for going off-road and you sure do enjoy that, don’t you?

But do you know another use for your great Jeep that more people are getting into every day?

Jeep camping!

Also called Jamping by Jeepsters or Overlanding, camping with your Jeep is a fun adventure for the whole family, whether you do it at one of the many Jeep events throughout the year or just head out on your own.

The new Jeep Gladiator is especially suited for overlanding when you add the useful and versatile Overland Rack now offered by Fab Fours.

Check out these little tips and suggestions for how to prepare for your overlanding trip and have loads of fun with your Gladiator!

Get Your Gear Ready

Having the time of your life camping in the wilderness with your family or friends starts with good planning to make sure you bring all the right gear with you for a comfortable trip.

Take some time to think about what activities you might do on your camping adventure, what the weather might be like, and how many people are going.

Let those details help you plan things like choosing appropriate clothing to not be too warm or too cold, bringing enough food that can be easily prepared at your campsite, and the amenities you’ll need to stay dry, comfortable, and well-fed including tent, chairs, camping stoves, cooking and eating gear, way to clean up after meals, and much more.

Don’t forget to plan for emergencies just as you would with any other off-roading trip you might take.

Medical kits, tools, extra parts and fluids for your Jeep, recovery gear, and other emergency supplies are essential for a overlanding trip so you can handle unexpected situations before they ruin the whole trip.

Optimize Your Interior Cargo Space

Jeep Gladiators have tons of interior cargo space for smaller items, giving you lots of room to get all those things you need tucked away securely.

Beyond the typical holders and compartments that every Jeep has, the Gladiator also includes lift-up rear seats that expose an under-seat storage area plus some models also have additional storage compartments behind the seatbacks.

These are great, secure places to stash things you want to keep safe and dry inside the vehicle.

Put That Overland Rack to Use

The Gladiators’ rear bed is perfect for your larger items; however, you get three times the amount of storage space than just using the bed alone when you install an Overland Rack.

The Overland Rack is perfect for loading and securing everything from your tent and sleeping bag, to your food and drink coolers, repair tools and emergency gear, and everything else you aren’t stowing inside your Jeep.

The rack gives you unlimited potential for organizing and securing everything you need to bring with you on your overlanding trip so you won’t have to leave anything out and is sturdy enough to be used with some rooftop tents if you want to sleep off the ground.

By putting your sleeping bags on the rack, you can avoid animals and insects on the ground, stay drier, and sleep more comfortably so you’re fresh and ready to go on that hike come morning.

Have Fun But Stay Respectful

With all the supplies and gear you need for a great time and more than enough space to stow it, you sure will feel right at home at your campsite with all those amenities from home.

Camping should be fun and relaxing, so enjoy yourself but stay mindful of your surroundings.

Remember that you are a guest in mother nature’s backyard, so follow safe procedures and bring all your trash and gear back with you, leaving nothing behind.

You’ll have plenty of room for bringing back all your trash for proper disposal in that Gladiator Overland Rack after all!

Take Jeep Camping to the Next Level

The chances are good that if you’re a Jeep owner and lover, you’ve got a little bit of that camping bug in you already!

With the Overland Rack for the Jeep Gladiator, you can take your overlanding to a whole new level with enough organizable storage space to easily bring everything you need to be comfortable without needing an engineering degree to figure out how to cram it all into smaller spaces.

You can pack up your Jeep in minutes, rather than hours, bring everything you need for even an extended trip, have all the critical emergency supplies with you, and enjoy extra amenities like a rooftop tent, all while bringing you and up to four other people with you.

You’ll enjoy camping like you never have before!

Fab Fours Gladiator Overland Racks

Take Camping To A New Level With Your Jeep!

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