Here’s What You Should Know About the Premium Front Bumper

Premium Bumper

You finally bought your dream truck, but unfortunately, it’s not ready to hit the trails just yet. There are a few important vehicle modifications to make that will optimize your 4×4’s ability to maneuver new, rugged terrain with ease!

While your mind might turn to increasing the size and grip of the tires on your vehicle, there’s another very important upgrade you might not have thought of just yet: steel bumpers.

That stock bumper that’s on your vehicle when you drive it off the car lot won’t be able to withstand the pressures found out on the trail. Once you’re off-road, your environment presents new challenges that could jeopardize your trip and damage your bumper.

Things like miscalculating the trail and striking a tree or rock, or getting stuck in a precarious situation without being able to pull yourself out of it are scary scenarios that you don’t want to risk falling into.

That’s why you should consider upgrading your OEM bumper with a rugged steel front bumper – like Fab Fours’ Premium Series.

The Premium Series: Functionality at its Finest

Fab Fours’ Premium Front Bumper is as functional as they come, combining strength and durability in one high quality design. The formed-steel increases this aftermarket bumper’s functionality, combining style with front end protection. The bumper also offers additional tire clearance, so you never have to worry about rubbing. Easily install lights, D-Ring mounts, and winches up to 16,500 pounds to get out of tight spots and maintain visibility at every hour.

Fab Fours’ all New Premium Winch Bumper for the 2020 GMC HD

Isn’t it time you started planning your first adventure? See how Fab Fours can help you get started, today!

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