Looking Back 10 Years At Some Insane Fab Four Builds!


One of the best ways that any company can show off its new products to its customers is by using them.

Here at Fab Fours, we’ve taken that idea and run with it over the past decade, using all of our inventive parts and accessories on creative truck and Jeep builds that have become famous.

These builds have not only been loads of fun to develop, but they’ve helped us offer you some motivation for what you can do with the great aftermarket bumpers and other parts we make at Fab Fours.

Here’s a look back at some of the crazy and creative builds we’ve put together over the years, each one customized with the outrageous bumpers and more that Fab Fours has to offer you!

1. Kymera

Low, wide, and huge tires; that’s what Kymera is all about!

This chopped Chevy Colorado has been worked inside and out, from the BD Diesel Super B Twin Turbo motor with enhancements, modified axles and drivetrain shafts, and off-road racing suspension setup to the 20” custom machined wheels with cutouts on 405/70 R20 tires, the chopped top, and that crazy sawblade roof rack.

Loaded with additional off-road products like optional lighting, a WARN winch, and ready to hit the dunes, Kymera is one of our craziest and most fun builds to date!

2. The Legend

Jeeps are a specialty here at Fab Fours, so it only makes sense that one of our favorite builds is the Legend, a customized Jeep Wrangler that’s been turning heads since 2014.

This stock motor, over-the-top lifted Jeep build includes 50” tires, the Fab Fours Grumper bumper and grille combination with the complimentary open fender system, and much more.

The Legend has turned so many heads as one of our earlier extreme builds it was even featured on Jay Leno’s Garage!

Best of all, out on the trail The Legend is a beast!

3. Legend 2.Whoa

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Legend 2.Whoa was built to improve on some things we learned with The Legend and then go one step further.

Legend 2.Whoa was built for rock crawling, and crawl it does!

With its Grumper and fender setup, the sawblade roof and loud color scheme, Legend 2.Whoa makes a statement wherever it goes.

It’s built from a Jeep Wrangler with a performance motor, lifted, off-road suspension, modified axles and driveshafts, hydraulic steering, and much more.

4. Daylighter

Another unique build we’ve done was turning a regular-cab long-bed 2017 Ford F-350 into an off-road machine that we’ve even taken to Moab and various other events, it’s so good.

This Ford has a stock 6.7L Powerstroke diesel with upgraded air intake and exhaust, an 8” lift kit and 44” tires on 24” wheels, plus it’s loaded with awesome Fab Fours parts.

Daylighter shows off the Grumper with winch and the ViCowl, has our open fender system installed, Fab Fours headache rack, and includes our Premium rear bumper for ultimate rear-end protection.

For a truck that isn’t supposed to be able to climb, the Daylighter is one nimble build.

5. Mall Assault

Another one of our more extreme looking builds, Mall Assault combines the characteristics of an off-road vehicle, an armored vehicle, and a mall crawling style to create this incredible crawling machine.

Built from a Jeep Wrangler, Mall Assault has a Rubicon lift kit and coilover upgrade kit, 24×12 wheels with 38” tires, all kinds of optional lighting, and plenty of Fab Fours parts.

It includes the Jeep Grumper and ViCowl, the Fab Fours open fender system, our tube steel doors, and a premium series rear bumper.

We’ve had it out to MOAB and some other events and though it may look like a mall crawler, Mall Assault has what it takes to conquer the rocks and dunes with ease!

6. Krypton

Another super fun build that we’ve done recently is Krypton, a Ford F-350 Superduty that’s been customized to look flashy and stand out in the crowd.

Powered by a 2nd generation 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel, this truck has an enhanced cold air intake and exhaust, stock suspension, 22×14 offset wheels with 40” tires, and optional Rigid lighting.

It features the Fab Fours Grumper bumper/grille combo, custom Fab Fours fenders and exhaust tip, our side steps and headache rack with modifiers, and our Vengeance series lightweight rear bumper.

With a flashy vehicle wrap, Krypton is another world in Superduty trucks!

We’ve had a load of fun coming up with these awesome truck and Jeep builds over the years and really enjoyed taking them around to shows and events to show you all what Fab Fours is all about.

Though we’re not only about the crazy builds we’ve created, we like to have fun finding new and unique ways to use the parts we do produce.

Here’s looking forward to our next build and a new way we can demonstrate our innovative off-road and custom parts to you.

Stay tuned!

Fab Fours

A Decade of Unique and Creative Builds!

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