Black Steel Elite Rear Bumper


For the Chevy/GMC HD we took the ranch bumper design and combined it with the smooth plate look from our premium line to create BLACK STEEL ELITE. No grill mesh and premium powder coat give the ELITE bumpers a unique look. Like all Fab Fours' products we matched every bumper to the body lines of each model truck. The ELITE series is a whole new look with the same Fab Fours quality, manufactured in South Carolina, USA.

Application: 2001-2018 CHEVY/GMC HD2500-3500

2001-2018 CHEVY/GMC 2500-3500 Elite Replacement Bumper

PRE-RUNNER GUARD * Some Parts are Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

2015-2018 CHEVY/GMC Elite Replacement Bumper

CH14-U3050-1 // Elite Rear Bumper

2011-2014 CHEVY/GMC Elite Replacement Bumper

CH11-U2150-1 // Elite Rear BumperPRE-RUNNER GUARD *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

2007.5-2010 CHEVY/GMC Elite Replacement Bumper

CH08-U1450-1 // Elite Rear Bumper

2001-2007 CHEVY/GMC (CLASSIC) Elite Replacement Bumper

CH99-U1250-1 // Elite Rear Bumper

Product Details


Back up sensor holes.
**Due to the sensitive nature of the GM back up sensors, tuning may be required and ultimately the sensors may not work in aftermarket bumpers.**

Retain OEM receiver hitch and wiring locations.

Technical Specifications


Pipe and formed smooth 12 gauge steel.


2-Stage Flat Black Powder Coat


Length: 85" Width: 26" Height: 10"
Weight: 85lbs


2001-2018 CHEVY/GMC HD2500-3500