Matrix Front Bumper

Ford Superduty

We combined the best aspects of our Premium Winch Bumper and our Vengeance Series to give you the best slim fitting steel bumper in the truck game. Equipped to hold a 30″ light bar, 4 cube LED lights, and a 12,000 lb Winch…the Matrix Series gives you the peak of style and utility for your truck.


*Winch ready for Warn Zeon 12 or Lower

**Center mount accommodates a single row 30″ light bar (not included)

***Accommodates factory 360° camera (2017-2020 models)

****Optional relocation bracket available for Adaptive Cruise Control

*****Side mounting slots and tabs will hold up to (4) 3″ X 3″ cube lights (lights not included).

Available in Full Guard / Pre-runner Guard/ No Guard options (Meets Factory Wheel Well)

Open Fender Design Available in Full Guard / Pre-runner Guard/ No Guard options (Shorter Wheel Well Extension)

Slim “High and Tight” Design

Removable light inserts for optimal customization

Provides far more tire clearance.

Integrated D-Ring Mounts


*If running a Warn Zeon, Control Box Relocation Kit (89960) is required.

**Double row can be used if not running a winch

***Minor camera interference with Pre-runner and Full Grille Guard

****Open Fender Design (X4150, X4151, X4152) requires relocation bracket for adaptive cruise control on 2017-2019 Super Duty models (M3850-1).  Chrome grilles will not work with relocation bracket. 

****Standard design (X4160, X4161, X4162) has integrated relocation bracket in bumper. This design will not work with our open fender system.

*****Flush Mounts/Surface Mounts will not work. Must use single bolt setup.


Materials: 3/16″ Plate Steel Construction

Finish: Fab Fours 2 Stage Black Powder Coat

Size/Weight: Weight: 175 lbs.

Application: 2011-2020 Ford Super Duty F250-F350

Matrix Front Bumper

Ford Superduty


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Introducing the new Fab Fours Matrix Series front bumper. By combining the best features of our Premium and Vengeance Series we created the perfect winch-ready, slim-fitting, front bumper.  This bumper comes equipped to hold a 30" lightbar and 2 LED Cubes on each side to give you the ultimate in LED coverage. If you are looking for one bumper that checks every box, look no further than the Matrix Series from Fab Fours. 

detailed specs

2011-2016 Ford Super Duty F250-F350 Matrix
Full Guard FS11-X2550-1 DOWNLOAD
No Guard FS11-X2551-1 DOWNLOAD
Pre-Runner Guard FS11-X2552-1 DOWNLOAD
2017-2020 Ford Super Duty F250-F350 Open Fender Matrix
Open Fender Full Guard FS17-X4150-1 DOWNLOAD
Open Fender No Guard FS17-X4151-1 DOWNLOAD
Open Fender Pre-Runner Guard FS17-X4152-1 DOWNLOAD
2017-2020 Ford Super Duty F250-F350 OE Wheel Well Matrix
Full Guard FS17-X4160-1 DOWNLOAD
No Guard FS17-X4161-1 DOWNLOAD
Pre-Runner Guard FS17X4162-1 DOWNLOAD