Premium Front Bumper

CHEVY 1500

Building on our reputation for the highest quality and design in the truck market, the Fab Fours Chevy 1500 winch bumper focuses on strength and durability. This bumper is designed to be the ultimate in functionally-stylish front end protection while also providing more tire clearance to eliminate rubbing. Key features include the integrated fog and turn lights, D-Ring mounts and ability to accommodate up to 12,000 lb. winches. Available in either a Full Guard, Pre-runner Guard or No Guard Bumper.

Application: 2007-2018 Chevy 1500

CHEVY 1500 Premium Winch Bumper

*Some Parts are Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

**2016-18 Sensor Winch Bumper**

CS16-F3850-1 // Full Guard

CS16-F3851-1 // No Guard

CS16-F3852-1 // Pre-runner Guard

2014-2015 Winch Bumper

CS14-H3050-1 // Full Guard *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

CS14-H3051-1 // No Guard *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

CS14-H3052-1 // Pre-runner Guard *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

**2014-2015 SENSOR Winch Bumper**

CS14-F3050-1 // FULL GUARD *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

CS14-F3051-1 // NO GUARD *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

CS14-F3052-1 // PRE-RUNNER GUARD *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

2007-2013 WINCH BUMPER

CS07-H2050-1 // FULL GUARD *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

CS07-H2051-1 // NO GUARD *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

CS07-H2052-1 // PRE-RUNNER GUARD *Discontinued-Buy While Supplies Last*

Product Details


Provides far more tire clearance

Winch Ready - Accepts up to 12,000 lb. winches or smaller

1" D-Ring mounts

2-piece mounting system with adjustability to allow a "custom" fit

Fab Fours signature injection molded light housings

Fab Fours' 90mm fog and 60mm turn indicator lights are included FREE with the Bumper

Sensors may read shackles or hooks protruding from the fairlead.

All sensor testing is done on lifted trucks.

Sensor sensitivity, OE sensor housing, orientation, and operating conditions are all variables that will influence functionality of the sensors.

Technical Specifications


3/16" Steel Construction


2 Stage Black Powder Coat


Length: 90" Width: 42" Height: 27/30/47" Weight: 175lbs


2007-2018 Chevy 1500