Vengeance Front Bumper

Ford Raptor

Fab Fours' new line of light weight bumpers: Vengeance Series. These premium steel bumpers are constructed to be lightweight (Weighing only 75lbs) and offer a sleek and stylish finish for both the front and rear of your vehicle. Engineered to retain all new factory technology features including Adaptive Cruise Control and Park Assist (with optional bracket). ** Relocation bracket is required for adaptive cruise control (M3850-1) and only works with 2017 & 2018 model years. Chrome grilles will not work with relocation bracket. **. Center Cutout for 20” LED light bar and mounting options on each side for (2) Rigid Industries' Dually's to give you maximum LED light coverage. The fit of this bumper is high and tight and comes with lower cutouts to provide airflow while also giving you that aggressive look both on and off the road. Available in a no guard or pre-runner guard option.

Application: 2010-2018 Ford Raptor

2010-2018 Raptor Vengeance Front Bumpers

Products variations and model numbers


FF17-D4351-1 // Vengeance w/ No Guard

FF17-D4352-1 // Vengeance w/ Pre-runner Guard

M3850-1 // Adaptive Cruise Control Relocation Bracket

2010-2014 FORD RAPTOR

FF10-D1961-1 // Vengeance w/ No Guard

FF10-D1962-1 // Vengeance w/ Pre-runner Guard

M2450-1 // Front Center light Box Cover

M2250-1 // Front Short License Plate Bracket

M2750-1 // Side Light Mesh Insert Cover

Product Details


100% Made in the USA

Overall design and fit is "High and Tight" to the contours of the vehicle.

Light weight: No Guard 65 lbs. / Pre-Runner Guard 75 lbs.

Allows for an integrated 20" Rigid Industries LED light bar in the center (light bar not included)

Optional mesh inserts for center cutout and side openings (M2450-1//Center and M3950-1//Side) For FF17-D4351-1 and FF17-D4352-1//2017 Raptor Bumpers

Optional relocation bracket to retain factory technology features (M3850-1) FF17-D4351-1 and FF17-D4352-1//2017 Raptor Bumpers. ** Relocation bracket is required for adaptive cruise control (M3850-1). Chrome grilles will not work with relocation bracket. **

** Relocation bracket (M3850-1) does not work with 2019 Model **

Mounting options on each side for (2) 2x2 Dually lights to give you maximum LED light coverage.

Lower cutout to provide airflow to intercoolers.

Complete bolt-on front bumper w/ provided brackets that tie directly to the frame.

Sensors optimized for vehicles with suspension lifts - stock height trucks may require tuning the sensor mount and will require special care.

Technical Specifications


11 ga. U.S. Steel Construction


2 Stage Black Powder Coat


No Guard: 65 lbs.
Pre-runner Guard: 75 lbs.


2010-2018 Ford Raptor