Protect Your Dodge Ram with a Black Steel Bumper

dodge ram aftermarket bumper

Whether you bought a Ram 1500 for its sleek interior design or a Ram 2500 for its towing capabilities, the Dodge Ram truck is one of the most dependable trucks on the market. With newer Ram models taking off-road power and combining it with the latest technology and fuel efficiency, there is no doubt that you’ll want to ensure your truck is protected for the long haul.

The best way to protect your investment is by adding a durable aftermarket bumper that can enhance the look and functionality of your Ram. If you are ready to take your Dodge Ram to the next level, let us introduce you to our Black Steel Series.  

Strength and Durability

If you’re a Ram owner, chances are you’re no stranger to towing your RV, boat, or trailer, and you’ll need a bumper that can handle the extra load. Fab Fours’ Black Steel bumpers are formed from 12-14 gauge US steel, increasing this aftermarket bumper’s overall durability and making it a heavy-duty solution to any problem you and your truck might encounter. 

I was in an unfortunate situation where I ended up hitting another car with my Fab Fours Black Steel Elite bumper. The car I hit was deemed totaled, but my bumper didn’t even get a scratch!

Coltin C. | Pennsylvania

Ranch Style with Loads of Customizations

At first glance, the Black Steel Front Bumper looks similar to the ranch bumper style that many know and love. What makes Black Steel different from other ranch bumpers is that our engineers designed this bumper to line up perfectly with the body of your Dodge Ram, free of any vertical flanges or tapered edges. 

Are you looking for a different take on the traditional ranch bumper? Our Black Steel ELITE bumper line combines the ranch bumper design with the smooth plate look from our Premium bumpers. No grill mesh and premium powder coat give the ELITE bumpers a look that will make your Ram stand out from the rest.

But the most unique part about this particular bumper is the number of ways you can customize it to make it your own. Whether you want a full guard, pre-runner guard, or no guard at all, the Black Steel Front Bumper comes any way you want it. 

But your options don’t just stop there. You’ve got the option to add any number of the following:

✔️ 3×3 cube lights

✔️ A winch tray

✔️ Bolt-on D-Ring mounts

✔️ High flow lower guard

✔️ Light lower guard

✔️ A replacement front lower guard vertical plate

Matching Rear Bumper

Once you’ve landed on the perfect bumper customization for your Ram, don’t forget to protect your rear! Black Steel rear bumpers feature the same durability, strength and style as the front bumpers. Plus, most makes and models retain OEM receiver hitch and wiring locations. 

If you’re ready to protect your Dodge Ram with a Fab Fours Black Steel bumper, this month is the perfect time to buy! Buy a Black Steel or Black Steel ELITE front bumper in February 2023, and you’ll qualify for a $200 rebate. Find more details here. 

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