Want Good-Looking Windshield Protection for Your 2019 Chevy HD Truck?

Turn Heads With The ViCowl Created By Fab Fours!

When taking your 2019 Chevy HD off-road, you already know how vulnerable your windshield can be to rocks, mud, and other debris that gets kicked up when you’re out having fun and a cracked windshield is the last thing you want to deal with on your new truck!

What you need is the ViCowl from Fab Fours, the perfect multi-purpose mod that can save your windshield in rough conditions – and turn heads when driving by on the streets!

Designed exclusively by the engineers at Fab Fours, the ViCowl is a unique mod that incorporates a roof visor, a cowl, and a complete windshield surround to give your truck the ultimate in off-road protection, covering some of the more vulnerable spots on your windshield without impeding your view.

Constructed from tough 11 gauge U.S. steel covered in 2 stage black powder coat or left bare metal to be custom painted, ViCowl for the 2019 Chevy HD protects while giving your truck an ominous look!

With an optional 20” light bar or 4-light insert for increased front illumination and styling, the ViCowl will give your truck a look like no other yet protect your truck when out playing in rough conditions.

Why get the Fab Fours ViCowl visor and cowl combo for your 2019 Chevy HD truck?

  • Armor Tough Windshield Protection – Combining a roof visor, cowl, and windshield surround into one mod, the ViCowl gives your windshield ultimate protection from flying debris!
  • A Totally Unique Look – Designed to fit right in with other incredible Fab Fours mods like the Grumper, the ViCowl looks extraordinarily aggressive and totally transforms the look of your 2019 Chevy HD truck!
  • Made in the USA – American made at Fab Fours South Carolina production facility, the ViCowl is fashioned by U.S. workers from U.S. steel to deliver the quality you’ve come to expect from this imaginative company!

For superior windshield protection and impressive styling, the ViCowl by Fab Fours is a functional modification like no other that will help your windshield avoid damage wherever you drive.

With a finished, aggressive road warrior look from Fab Fours ViCowl, your 2019 Chevy HD truck is ready to battle the roads and trails!

Fab Fours 2019 Chevy HD ViCowl

Innovation, Style, and Protection In One Great Mod!


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