Can’t Find A Distinctive Ranch Bumper for Your 2020 Chevy HD?

Fab Fours Black Steel Elite Rear Bumper Hits The Mark!


Let’s face it – ranch-style rear bumpers are at the top of the list when it comes to the protection they provide but score a zero in the looks department.

Wouldn’t it be great to get all the strength and durability of thick, welded steel in a rear bumper design that won’t detract from your truck?

Well, Fab Fours Black Steel Elite Rear Rumper for 2020 Chevy Heavy Duty trucks handles both problems in one superior replacement bumper!

Created with the superior construction of a ranch-style rear bumper, the Black Steel Elite replacement bumper for the 2020 Chevy HD looks like it came from the factory with its body-hugging fit.

Constructed from strong U.S. steel with a premium matte black powder coat, Black Steel Elite Rear Bumpers have revolutionized ranch-style work bumpers.

Based on Fab Fours Premium bumper series, the Black Steel Elite Rear Bumper for the 2020 Chevy HD is an excellent choice when you need outstanding protection for the rear of your truck because of:

  • Superior Construction – Made from 12 gauge plate steel welded to thick tube steel, this is the most stylish-looking ranch-style rear bumper made!
  • OEM Compatible – Sensor compatible when desired plus it retains the OEM receiver hitch and wiring locations!
  • Amazingly Simple Installation – Bolt it up using the included hardware in minutes, not hours!

A heavy duty rear bumper like no other, the Black Steel Elite Rear Bumper for 2020 Chevy Heavy Duty trucks from Fab Fours boasts of a dramatic design plus the extreme rear end protection a work truck needs.

Made with pride in America at Fab Fours production facility in South Carolina, this premium rear bumper will show you exactly what Fab Fours quality and innovation is all about!

Fab Fours Black Steel Elite Rear Bumper for the 2020 Chevy HD

An Impressive Ranch Bumper That Won’t Disappoint!


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