Really Love Your Chevy Silverado?

You Gotta Have a Fab Fours Chevy Heavy Duty Fire Pit!

So you really love your Chevy Silverado HD truck, especially when you’re out on the trails off-roading! Well, if you felt left out when Fab Fours introduced their awesome Jeep Fire Pit – we have great news for you!

The Chevy Heavy Duty Fire Pit Is Here!

Yes indeed, Fab Fours is introducing the Chevy Heavy Duty fire pit, a fun way to have a good time around a fire while proclaiming your Chevy love!

This unique accessory is perfect for all you Chevy enthusiasts looking for a great conversation piece at an off-road campsite or in your own backyard.

Exclusively designed by Fab Fours in 16 gauge U.S. Steel with a bare metal finish and weight of 48 pounds, the Chevy Heavy Duty fire pit is true to 1:4 scale and is sure to be a big hit with everyone who sees it!

Designed to look like a Chevy HD, it comes with 40” tires, a Matrix bumper, Open Fender System, and even tow mirrors that can be removed – how awesome is that!

The Chevy Heavy Duty Fire Pit can be loaded up with adequate firewood to burn for hours and get this – it even has a built-in bottle opener so you can relax around the fire with your beverage of choice!

Need more reasons to buy an exclusive Fab Fours Chevy Heavy Duty fire pit?

  • Nothing Else Even Comes Close – A Fab Fours fire pit in the design of your favorite vehicle is a must-have item that’s functional, looks great, and is a great conversation piece when family and friends come over!

  • It Really Works – Includes strategically placed openings to aid airflow and holds enough firewood to burn for hours without reloading!

  • You Deserve It – You love your Chevy HD, have added Fab Fours replacement bumpers to protect it, and you want everyone to see how much your off-road beast means to you!

Whether you like to camp out along the trails with your truck or prefer to simply enjoy your own backyard retreat, a Fab Fours Chevy Heavy Duty Fire Pit can move that fun time to the next level.

A great accessory for all Chevy HD lovers, the Chevy Heavy Duty fire pit is a unique item exclusively created by and only available from Fab Fours!

Fab Fours Chevy Heavy Duty Fire Pits

A Must-Have Accessory Every Chevy Lover Needs!


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