Want A New Front Bumper for Your 2003 HD Classic Chevy Truck?

Get A Reliable Chevy Truck Red Steel Front Bumper From Fab Fours!


Fab Fours has you covered with a large selection of aftermarket bumpers to satisfy all needs.

With a focus on innovative design and exceptional quality, our Red Steel bumpers are stylish, functional, and built to be as tough and aggressive as they look.

With options that span from the more traditional ranch and work style bumpers to the infamous Grumper bumper and grille combo and everything in between, Fab Fours has everything you could possibly want or need in a Chevy bumper.

The Red Steel front bumpers we make for Chevy Classic trucks are functional, customizable, attractive, and available for multiple truck models and years.

Besides looking great, the exceptional Chevy HD Classic truck Red Steel front bumpers that Fab Fours fabricates fit like an OE part, totally designed to match the contours of your truck.

Each has a high, streamlined fit that allows the use of bigger tires without any interference, with many styles including additional features that make them anything but ordinary front bumpers.

Why should you choose a Red Steel front bumper from Fab Fours for your 2003 Chevy HD Classic truck?

  • Inventive Designs – Get front bumpers that look like no other with rugged, aggressive designs in a variety of styles for all purposes!
  • Tons of Features – Everything from basic options like winch-ready design and built-in tow hooks to integrated D-ring shackles, housings for optional lighting, customizable inserts, OE sensor compatibility on some styles, and much more!
  • Exceptional Fab Fours Quality – Every bumper is made to our stringent quality standards using U.S. steel and made right here at the Fab Fours production facility in South Carolina.

Add to these great qualities how simple Fab Fours bumpers are to install with just a few tools and you can’t go wrong for your 2003 Chevy HD Classic truck!

Tough, American-made Fab Fours front bumpers for Chevy trucks in the style you need and with the features that make them more than just a bumper are the perfect aftermarket accessory for your street or off-road 2003 Chevy HD Classic truck!

Fab Fours Red Steel Front Bumpers for Classic Chevy HD Trucks

Stylish – Sturdy – Functional


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