Slip Right Off Big Trail Rocks With Fab Fours Rock Sliders!


When you’ve progressed off the beginner trails and moved up into the more challenging ones, you may consider adding a set of rock sliders from Fab Fours to your Jeep.

Rock sliders provide durable protection to the rocker panel areas on your Jeep from wheel to wheel, keeping them undamaged when the trails get tougher and hitting the rockers becomes more of a possibility.

In choosing your rock sliders, it’s important to understand that not every rocker panel attachment is actually a rock slider.

What Exactly Are Rock Sliders?

There are various types of running boards and side steps available that you can add to your Jeep, but neither of these types are designed to protect your rocker panels.

Usually made from lighter-weight metal and plastic, running boards and side steps usually bolt to the underside of the body, their purpose mainly to give you a step up for easier entry into the vehicle and for aesthetic purposes.

On the other hand, rock sliders are built from thick steel and designed to protect the rocker panels from the scrapes and impacts that come when you’re out rock crawling or doing other off-road activities.

They are securely attached to the underside of the frame and allow your Jeep to slide over rocks without suffering any damage to the rocker panels.

That’s why Fab Fours has introduced rock sliders into its product line of durable body armor for your off-road Jeep!

Built from thick steel, Fab Fours Rock Sliders are essential equipment if you do rock crawling or other more extreme activities that put your rocker panels at risk.

Just like our other off-road products, our Rock Sliders are so easy to install your Jeep can be trail-ready in an hour or two – just watch!

Jeep Wrangler JL Step By Step Rock Slider Installation


Today we’re going to install a Fab Fours Rock Sliders on this 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL.

Let’s go ahead and get started.

All right, we’re at the rear of the Jeep on the driver’s side; up underneath where the frame attaches to the body, we’ve got body mount bolts.

The back two body mount bolts we’ll want to remove; go ahead and pull those out now.

Now we’ve already gone ahead and installed our rock lights; if you have rock lights, we definitely recommend installing those before you set the board in place.

Once you’ve done that, run your wires up towards the front and let them drop out the bottom of the step.

Don’t run them out the final hole just yet because you run the risk of severing the wires as you’re lifting it up to the truck.

All right, so as we lift the board up, there’s gonna be two places in the body of the Jeep that have factory holes.

Now typically, there is an inmate bolt in each one of those locations from the factory.

We would normally remove that and reuse that factory bolt; however, this Jeep did not have those factory bolts there, so we’re just going to use our new hardware.

Alright, next we’re gonna go ahead and reinstall our body mount bolts.

Let me mention something before we continue.

What we’re gonna do is not tighten them down all the way.

Now this particular Jeep also has a Fab Fours fender system, which brings a little bit of sheet metal right in front of the pinch weld that you would normally bolt to.

Because this is going to that same location, we gotta add extra thickness.

It makes it a little more difficult to line holes up, so we got a jack to lift things up with to get everything lined up.

If you just absolutely cannot get everything lined up to get it caught into the threads going through the pinch weld then through the fender system then through the threads, go the opposite way.

You might have to get a little bit longer bolt.

Run your bolt through the weld nut, then get that lined to the hole in the pinch weld; go through the other side.

Then on the opposite side, do a flat washer, lock washer, then a 5/16ths by 18 thread pitch nut and put on the side to fasten it that way.

We’re gonna go ahead and try to fasten it the way that it was designed; but if we can’t get it that way, we’ll go the other way.

Now we’re gonna go ahead and use the provided 5/16th bolt, lock washer, and flat washer; go through the inside of the pinch weld, line it up to the weld nut on the opposite side.

Alright now we’re going to the second location.

We got two bolts, we’re gonna do the exact same thing.

All right, now we got this one lined up back here; we’ve also used a jack to get this held in place to line it up.

Go ahead and put your hardware through, the supplied bolt with flat washer and lock washer.

Alright, just like we mentioned before in the Tech Tip, this bolt was giving us a problem, so we had to go the opposite direction.

Now that the pinch weld bolts are all tightened down, we’re going to go ahead and tighten down our factory inmate bolts and also our body nut bolts.

All right, now if you have the rock lights, there is a hole up inside the board to where you can run your wires up through that hole, run them up towards the engine compartment.

Go ahead and get those wired up and then repeat the same process on the opposite side.

Well, that concludes the installation.

If you have any questions, call the experts or visit us online.

A set of Rock Sliders from Fab Fours is the perfect addition to the other protective off-roading armor your Jeep needs to stay safe while you enjoy your off-road adventures.

So easy to install, you’ll be glad you put them on once you start hitting the rougher trails!

Fab Fours Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders

Rugged Protection for Your Rocker Panels!

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