The Best Rack System for Surfers, Campers and Carrying All Your Outdoor Adventure Gear

overland camping tent rack

Your hobbies are special, whether you’re a surfer carrying a freshly waxed board to the nearest beach or an overland camper packing for a weeklong adventure. You can’t toss your gear into the truck bed like you would a bunch of 2x4s from the big box store. That’s why you need a rack system that adjusts to carefully, securely haul your gear from the garage to your favorite outdoor spot. Find out exactly what you can put on a roof rack from Fab Fours

Fab Fours’ Adjustabe Rack System (ARS) is just the system for you. From surfboards and kayaks to fishing poles and roof tents, the ARS is built tough to get your stuff from here to there. If you’re looking for the ultimate upgrade to your truck bed or your Jeep Gladiator, the Adjustable Rack System is the one-size-fits-all customizable solution you need. Yeah, we said “one size fits all” and “customizable” in the same sentence; keep reading to learn why.

best rack system for trucks and jeeps

One-Size-Fits-All Means It Fits Your Truck (or Gladiator)

The Adjustable Rack System literally fits every truck on the market, we made sure of it. The system is 19” high and adjustable (it’s in the name!) width and length to sit securely on your truck bed. Using our sliding notch system and the steel hex bolts provided in the kit, it’s easy to fit onto your truck.

– Width Range: 55” – 64”
– Depth Range: 60” – 98”

When you have to bring gear, you need a cargo system that you can rely on. Cheap hitch-mounted cargo haulers stick out like a sore thumb, but the ARS is designed to fit your truck or Gladiator like it was build just for your vehicle… because it was.

Customizable for Ultimate Adventure

Picture this, you’ve got a big camping trip coming up this weekend and want to bring the kayak, but you’re not sure how to fit everything. Even worse, your boss is making you work late so you’ll get to your site after dark. Stinks right? 

Well, with the ARS, you don’t have to worry about either of those things because this system is fully customizable with so many tie down spots, you’ll have room to tie down your kayak, paddles AND a flotation device with room to spare. 

The ARS comes with built in mounts, so you can install up to four LED lights. We believe the adventure doesn’t have to end at sunset and the ARS makes it possible to light up your camp site.

camping rack system

Tough Enough Handle All Of Your Gear

Built with 11 guage steel, the ARS is strong enough to support up anything you need up to 700 pounds of static weight. Throw your overland tent on the roof and sleep like a baby or tie down a surfboard for you and a friend and set out with the piece of mind that your gear will make it to your destination. The Bolt-On and Secure-Hook mounts give you security to safely mount whatever adventure gear you have.

The ARS is designed to make hauling easy and what’s easier than leaving the ladder at home? Each system comes with four built-in step locations so you can safely access the roof for loading and unloading.

Powdercoated & Weather Resistant

Rain, snow, mud or salt air… none of them matter thanks to our Black Power Coat finish and weather-resistant manufacturing. Just like any other Fab Fours product, the Adjustable Rack System is designed to be as tough as you are and slog through the elements… so your adventures can last for years.

Do you have gear that you are hoping you can carry on a roof rack? Then check out our Adjustable Rack System today.

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