Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Quality, Delivered on Time

Fab Fours’ was born out of a passion for customizing vehicles and a love of the outdoors. Fab Fours’ owner and CEO Greg Higgs provides the creative force and product DNA that goes into all of Fab Fours’ products. Our engineering team uses the latest 3D design

software to turn new product ideas into reality. In our factory designs come to life with the combination of cutting edge technology for metal cutting and forming and an American workforce that puts it’s heart and pride into every product that we manufacture.

Bringing Steel to the Consumer

Quality, Delivered on Time

Making sure a quality product is delivered on time to our customers is our main goal. Through our partnerships with the aftermarkets largest and strongest distributors, Fab Fours has built a distribution network that allows its products to be delivered next day to truck accessories shops all across the United States and Canada. Fab Fours has been on a consistent growth trajectory uncommon in the automotive aftermarket since the company was incorporated in 2004. This performance has earned

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."
-Henry Ford

awards such as recognition in the Inc. 500 and Aggie 100 for sustained year over year growth. Fab Fours Inc. is one of the largest aftermarket bumper manufacturers in the world. The company takes great pride in being Made in the USA. Fab Fours is a full vertically integrated manufacturer with all company personnel and capabilities located at the headquarters in Lancaster, South Carolina. This ensures repeatable quality and precise fit for every product and allows adaptability to quickly respond to customer needs.

FAB FOURS Testimonials

More than Expected, Better than Expected.

I just have to say Brittani?this was not the result I was expecting. I was expecting to be left out in the cold and having to pay for all the repairs myself after reading the warranty. You(Fab Fours) have really redeemed yourselves in my eyes and I am soooooo happy to find a company that stands behind their product. It is very hard to find nowadays. I will definitely tell everyone I know about my experience with Fab Fours. Only now it will be all about my good experience. Thank You for standing behind your product and the excellent service!

Joe / 2016

Your bumpers are the best looking, most functional I've found and I have spent dozens of hours looking!...I love these bumpers!!

BOB / 2014

Your bumpers saved my life. I had one of your bumpers on my Duramax. I was just recently in a crash and totaled the truck. The bumper took all the impact and is probably the only reason why I?m still around to type this email. I just wanted to say thank you for building such a great product and i will always run your bumper on my trucks from now on. I?m just in the process of getting a new truck and the first thing going on is a front and rear bumper. I?m going to share a couple of pictures with you also if you don?t mind just to show you how great they really are. I hit the ditch at about 110 kms/h and caught about 4' of air off an embankment and flew roughly 40' before coming down on the left front side of the truck. As you can see in the pictures the bumper took most of the impact. I walked away from the accident with some minor cuts to my hands from breaking glass. I just wanted to say THANK YOU again.

DARYL. / 2010