The New 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Door Tire Carrier by Fab Fours!


If you’ve got oversized tires for your Jeep JL, you need a rear tire carrier that can handle one of those big tires without messing up your new aftermarket rear bumper.

When you invest in one of the other aftermarket tire carriers, repositioning the OE camera becomes a real problem because they just can’t do it right, leaving you with a skewed, shaky, inaccurate view through the camera that makes accurate backing-up nearly impossible!

Want Another Choice?

The new Door Tire Carrier for the 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL by Fab Fours handles a tire up to 40” while mounting your OE camera perfectly, leaving you with a correct rear view on a durable, no-rattle housing that’s not going anywhere.

A great new addition to our collection of aftermarket Jeep JL off road products, Fab Fours tire carrier is as strong as they come, the perfect accessory for your JL that’s durable, functional, and really great-looking.

Want to know more about the 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Door Tire Carrier by Fab Fours?

Check out this video where Greg explains why our tire carrier is superior to anything else out there!

Hi, let me tell you about the Fab Fours Off-the-Door tire carrier.

So the cool thing about what was done in the JL is we’re really just taking it to the next step from already proven technology.

A couple things to understand.

One, you ever see a tire carrier with a cool aluminum cap or something here, yeah, it looks fun; it is the wrong application.

They’re using a trailer spindle; it is not designed to be forced this way, it’s for rotation.

What we’ve done for almost a decade now is a machined, custom pivot shaft in double shear with a fabricated housing.

So there’s a cup above and below, bolted; it cannot fail.


You don’t want that failing on the highway out there.

Furthermore, all of our tire carriers are basically in a 5-point stance.

So we have two custom made injection-molded collars on the tire carrier, two 1-3/4″ tubes that they land on, and then the pivot point as well as two of the adjustable heims, top and bottom.

Between all of those points of contact, you’re getting a no-rattle tire carrier that’s as strong as any other.

We know we’re designing these for 40’s – we make a 40.

So you’re getting your smooth, easy to operate, highly-tunable, 5-point contact, no-rattle tire carrier with a spindle that cannot fail on the freeway – well, what can I say?

Best looking tire carrier out there.

But wait, there’s more because there is two ways to do things: the way Fab Fours does it and wrong.

So, what do they say about integrity – doing the right thing when nobody’s looking?

Unfortunately, you’ll really never see this awesome piece that we designed in house, had it injection-molded, made a fancy tool for it, it’s got really cool inserts.

Basically, this is the right way to mount up the OE camera replicating their system.

So the camera goes in there, this bolts into the front, and that’s what you’re seeing: it’s just the business end coming through the tire.

Super-clean, but you’ve got this rigid injection-molded plastic mount that’s not loose, it’s not zip-tied in there.

This is the right way to mount up a camera and get that full functionality out of it.

Alright, we’re in the JL and I’m about to show you the technology as far as the camera goes, working with our integrated tire carrier.

So again, we relocated it the proper way, in the middle of the tire at the right height, location, and depth to work just like it did from the OE.

Check it out from the screen; ;you can see the inside of our sweet Fab Fours wheel.

So this is really worst-case scenario too, because we’re talking about a -51 offset, 24×12 wheel, and you can still see that we’ve got 100% utilization and accuracy as far as how the lines are curving and what you’re seeing.

The part of the problem of using an improperly mounted camera, zip-tied or however it may be, is that you could end up – hmm probably should come in handy – you might end up getting too much of a fisheye where the lines are pointed in the wrong direction.

It’s gonna skew the actual line of the Jeep as you back into a spot.

So, if you want it right, come to Fab Fours!

Those bigger aftermarket wheels and tires look great on your Jeep JL.

Carry your spare securely without affecting the view from your OE rear view camera with the best aftermarket tire carrier available today – the 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Door Tire Carrier from Fab Fours!

Fab Fours

2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Tire Carrier – OE Camera Housing Done Right!

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