Watch The Jeep JK Come Alive With Fab Fours Products!


Since we got our start, Fab Fours has designed and produced some of the coolest steel bumpers and body armor off-road products for the Jeep JK and JL to be found anywhere.

Our Jeep JK bumpers are in high demand, especially once people see what they actually look like on a Jeep.

Check out our project Jeep Mall Assault as Greg talks about everything that’s been done to it and explains all the different and amazing Fab Fours body armor parts used.

You can get some great ideas for your own JK or JL or even your new Gladiator, as we’ve already begun releasing some awesome body upgrades for that model also!

I’m Greg Higgs, founder of Fab Fours and I’m also very passionate about the product development process.

I mean, I love sketching stuff late into the night and then letting my team bring it to life.

We have six dedicated resources that focus on nothing but R and D, so we are developing SKUs for trucks, Jeeps, everything in between and all our different brands.

So I’ll take you into this area Building One and we will go product by product to show you what’s up!

All right, the product that started us down the path, built the hater nation out there around the Fab Fours brand, The Grumper.

Hey, how can you not like this thing in person? It’s everything you need!

It’s high and tight, it’s literally off the frame rail by a material thickness, protects the entire front end, integrates a small frame winch, and it’s fun.

Gives you all this optional styling, you can color match the inserts so the light surrounds are bolt-in, the center sections are bolt-in, the logo plates are bolt-in.

That is the Grumper: high, tight, winch ready, cool styling for your vehicle.

This case, we’ve added the optional crash bar and this is just putting more beef down below.

So you’ve got the integrated shackle mounts already, but it’s just further protection for the front end and ups the thickness to all 3/16” all around this surround.

The JK also brought us the very first-ever ViCowl to the world.

It’s purpose? Look cool!

Sure, it does provide a little bit of protection around the A-pillar.

It’s strong, it’s built to hold up to a shot and get a tree branch or something like that.

But it’s real job? Look awesome!

Once you have a ViCowl, whether it be on the Jeep or on a truck, you cannot go back.

It’s like wearing a ball cap outside; you get addicted to that nice coverage.

It has no hindrance to your visibility, as you’re always looking down over the hood.

A very simple install and a great way to mount our limb risers.

So again, the limb risers can integrate with the ViCowl or have bracketry to go right to the A-pillar; this is to pull branches up and over the vehicle.

This ViCowl, like the JL and now Gladiator, have two options.

So, it’s going to come with a base open-vented system up there or you can run the four-banger which is for dually’s, or the 20-inch light bar.

So they’re sold separately, inserts that can go in here, and that can be color-matched.

From the beginning, we affectionately named this Jeep Mall Assault, taking the play off a mall crawler but with all of this protection.

I mean, this thing looks like it’s SWAT-ready, protected in every facet.

But from the beginning, now you can go from mild to wild on how you dress up the rest of the rig around these fenders, but really this is just giving you something high and tight with a little bit more clearance.

So the way the JK system works, you had a base fender system replacing the entire quarter panel, that comes with a thin 16-gauge base fender skin that can do some color match.

You can leave that on and bolt on either the high fender system or the full-width fender system if regulations require that.

This is high and tight, has the integrated turn signal, and then if you want to remove the base fender skin, you can add the gill box behind the fender.

So I know there’s a lot going on, but the website will give you all the different configurations that you can show off.

Basically, this is full tilt, as you’re gonna see a lot of our pictures: base fender, high flare, gill box, ready to go with the integrated LED rock light mount.

Gives you that back glow and basically, Mall Assault – high and tight, ready to go.

So this is called the door skin.

Really the reason this came into existence, we had so much armor on the Jeep it looked weird; there was just too much paint here in the middle.

Well, come to find out, people were clamoring for these.

Yes, you can buy magnets, just throw on your door to take up a little bit of scratch here and there.

That is no replacement for a piece of 11-gauge steel bolted to your door.

Granted, it makes these old JK doors get a little heavy; JLs, much nicer since they’re aluminum.

But you are getting full protection of this sucker and you will not get these things damaged.

So, as we had bolts, that brought in this mirror guard.

So, it may not be something you ever thought was prone to damage, but anything can be.

And again, for this whole theme of Mall Assault, it just comes perfect.

You’ve just got more armor, more things to change color, more custom.

That’s the point – custom, restyling – this thing is really trick.

So, it’s wide out here where your arm can go and it just looks sweet.

All right, what you have here is the light slider for the JK.

What’s pretty cool about this is we integrated rock light mounts to both shine down in the perfect pattern for wheeling a night, but also left enough openings all along the body of it to cast some of that glow up the doors.

It’s really trick and includes this skin, which can be, as shown here, change colors.

Pretty cool when you start to throw, like this one has red rock lights, so you’ve got the body match slider color over the strong, protective powder coat, and letting the red ambiance glow up through it.

The light lightweight sliders will still take a good hit but their main intention?

Look really sweet, hold the lights.

JK rear fender system, sold separately, you start with the base fender.

So you’re getting full armor, basically just putting steel over all the sheet metal.

Then, you get to choose whether you want that high and tight flare or you’re gonna go with a wide flare that has the bolt-on color match area.

Mall Assault – just makes sense, keep it high and tight.

This one actually does get used.

In addition to our 40s for more of the street drive, this girl has a set of 39-inch red labels on bead locks so trust us, we use it!

We’ve got 60s as well.

We’ve been making this JK rear for a long time now, starting back in ‘07 – Bomber.

The way this thing integrates to the frame is to just make sure that there’s no movement because we take tire carriers very, very seriously.

So we have our machine shaft in double sheer with a bolt-on.

Always be leery when you see a cap, even if it’s full aluminum; it means they’re using the trailer spindle.

Not the intention for this, that’s prone to snapping off.

This cannot fail here through the double shear.

And you need that when you’re going big like this.

So off of this tire carrier, you can either have a fixed-mount vertical to hold the tire in the traditional manner or on the JK, we did this crazy slant-back which looks super trick.

Big old cradle looks like a crossbow mount when you don’t have this on here.

You can still hold over a 40 into that nest and comes standard with this PRP tie-down system.

So you’ve kind of got this trick chase truck look to it, all while up in this cradle.

We went ahead and threw that third brake light down in that logo mount.

But the net weight of all this, between a 40 on a 24 on this giant cradle, you know we’re building the bomber tire carrier to hold up to all that stress.

It’s proven!

Like what you’ve seen?

There’s lots more for your JK, JL, or Gladiator here at Fab Fours.

Whether you’re looking for bumpers and body armor to turn your stock Jeep into an off-road machine or you just want it to look cool, Fab Fours has the most innovative, high-quality off-road products to create a custom look all your own!

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