Why Your Off-Road Adventures Need Aftermarket Bumpers!


Off-roading with your Jeep or truck is an entirely different sort of adventure, giving you the chance to enjoy the outdoors, challenge your driving skills, as well as push yourself and your vehicle with a new aftermarket bumper to its limits.

Traveling off-road trails can also be pretty damaging to your vehicle if you haven’t prepared it with modifications designed to protect it and make it more capable in challenging conditions.

One of the more popular modifications that many drivers start out with is replacing the factory bumpers with aftermarket replacement bumpers designed for off-roading and similar fun purposes.

Have You Considered Replacing Your Bumpers?

Aftermarket truck or Jeep bumpers can be a sizable investment, so you may be asking yourself why you even need them since your tires and drivetrain are doing most of the work.

While that may be true, the fact is that you should still have super-durable front and rear aftermarket bumpers on your vehicle if you off-road frequently for two very important reasons: protection and recovery.

Serious off-roading is not like any kind of regular driving, so you’ll want to have these two bases covered!

Off-road Bumpers Can Take The Abuse

The most obvious reason why you would want to invest in aftermarket truck bumpers or replacement bumpers for your Jeep or SUV is quite simply because factory bumpers cannot take as much abuse as off-road bumpers can.

They’re only designed to withstand an impact that would be typical in a slower traffic accident.

Even though truck and Jeep bumpers are stronger and rated higher than average passenger vehicles, they cannot withstand the kind of impact you could have off-roading.

Out on the trail, as your environment becomes more challenging, the chances increase that you could suffer some kind of impact.

  • You could miscalculate the trail and hit a tree.
  • You could run into trouble climbing steep hills or big rocks and scrape one of your bumpers either going up or coming down.

Off the road, the possibilities are endless in how you could end up with the front or rear of your vehicle coming in contact with foliage, rocks, ground, and even other vehicles.

So your best bet for protecting your off-road monster is by replacing the stock bumpers with rugged off-road bumpers that will likely damage the tree before your truck gets hurt!

Aftermarket Bumpers Have A Critical Recovery Point

The second important role that steel aftermarket bumpers play in your off-road adventure is providing you with a recovery point on your vehicle for those times you get stuck – and you will get stuck sooner or later!

Whether you are stuck in the mud, high-centered on rocks, or in some other situation where you need to either winch yourself out or be towed, a steel replacement bumper is your best friend.

Why? Because these heavy-duty off-road bumpers are installed right onto the frame, which is a highly secure way to attach a bumper to your vehicle.

With a frame-mounted bumper that includes built-in shack receiver mounts, you can safely attach D-ring shackles for recovery straps so you can get pulled out.

Many frame-mounted, super-strong steel off-road bumpers are also designed to house a winch to either winch yourself out or winch someone else to safety without risking pulling your bumper off.

Replacement Bumpers Are Essential for Active Off-Roading

Convinced yet? You should be!

Hopefully, the time you spend stuck or needing a tow with your truck or Jeep will be minimal; however, you’ll be glad when it happens that you chose off-road aftermarket replacement bumpers.

Offering you extreme levels of physical protection to prevent costly damage due to mishaps plus the strength and solidity required for a safe recovery, aftermarket bumpers for your off-road Jeep or truck are a must!

Fab Fours Replacement Bumpers

A Must-Have If You Push Off-Road Limits!

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