Best Tacoma Aftermarket Bumper and Accessories for Off-Roading

toyota tacoma with fab fours bumper and overland rack

If you’re planning to have some off-road fun with your Toyota Tacoma, then you need to upgrade your truck’s stock bumper to a Tacoma aftermarket bumper before heading to the trails. Fab Fours offers a range of bumpers and accessories for the ultimate off-roading protection, ensuring that your Tacoma is not just ready for the trails but equipped to conquer them with unparalleled confidence. 

toyota tacoma with matrix front bumper from fab fours

Matrix Front Bumper

Off-roading is all about pushing boundaries, exploring the unknown, and embracing the thrill of the outdoors. However, with adventure comes the unpredictability of rough terrains, mud, and unforeseen obstacles. That’s where the Fab Fours’ Matrix bumper comes into play, this winch ready bumper can help when you get into a jam while off-roading. 

The Matrix bumper features integrated D-ring mounts for convenient recovery points. Say goodbye to the anxiety of wondering if your bumper is strong enough to hold your tow. Matrix bumpers are made of 3/16″ plate US steel and are engineered to hold a 12,000 lb winch. Fab Fours even designed the winch holding space to sit lower on the bumper, allowing for retention of sensors and camera function. Fab Fours Matrix bumpers come in a no-guard style or a pre-runner guard style.

toyota tacoma overland rack from fab fours

Overland Rack

When a long day of off-roading turns into a night of camping or overlanding, having gear that stays securely in place is key. Fab Fours understands the needs of adventurers like you, and we’ve crafted the perfect solution to ensure your gear remains safe and secure no matter where your journey takes you.

The Overland Rack is perfect for loading and securing all of the important items – like your tent, repair tools and emergency gear, bikes, kayaks, fishing poles – pretty much everything you aren’t stowing inside your truck.

The top features of this rack include: expandable design with multiple tie-down points or mounting points, integrated light mounts, ability to create a solid floor with extra cross members, integrated roof access step, and the toughest roof rack in the bunch! Sturdy and strong enough to be used with any rooftop tent, go big it’ll be okay!

toyota tacoma with fab fours trail doors

Tacoma Trail Doors

For those who seek the purest form of off-roading, enjoy the inexplicable feeling of nature when you ditch your doors. With no doors, you have the feeling of unobstructed freedom to journey without limits. These doors are made from 12 gauge US Steel and finished in our 2 stage matte black powder coat with integrated cup holders for front doors and areas for light storage on the inside of the doors.

In the world of off-roading, where challenges meet adrenaline and every adventure is a story waiting to be written, your Toyota Tacoma deserves nothing less than the best. With Fab Fours’ exceptional lineup of bumpers and accessories, your off-roading experiences are elevated to new heights of excitement, safety, and style. So, gear up, embrace the thrill, and let Fab Fours be your partner in conquering the trails, exploring the wilderness, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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