Top 4 Ford Bronco Front Bumpers

ford bronco aftermarket bumpers

When it comes to modifications for your Ford Bronco, the first thing onlookers will notice is your front bumper. Your front bumper is often the first impression of your ride. While the Bronco’s stock bumper is by no means ugly, an aftermarket bumper is a great way to increase the protection, utility and style of your Bronco. 

Aftermarket bumpers have the ability to not only increase your tire clearance but also protect your front end when tackling challenging obstacles. At the end of the day, whether you’re hitting the off-road trails or driving down the city streets, your Bronco deserves to be protected. 

Below are our favorite Ford Bronco aftermarket bumpers and the features, materials, and styles of each that we love.

bronco premium winch bumper

Premium Winch Bumper

The Ford Bronco Premium bumper is the perfect option for those looking for a low-key bumper that still holds all the utility of a heavy-duty bumper. The Premium bumper is compatible with your Bronco’s sensors and accommodates Adaptive Cruise Control with a relocation bracket (M3853-1

As far as winches go, this bumper accommodates Warn’s VR EVO 10 or small-frame M-Series winches M8-M10. However, winch compatibility is not limited to Warn’s product line. Additional features include two integrated D-rings and various mounts for light options (we recommend Rigid Lights.)

Looking for a matching rear bumper? Featuring the same high style and functionality as the front bumper, the Premium rear bumper offers sensor capability, integrated D-ring mounts, and OEM receiver hitch and wiring locations.

bronco vengeance series bumper

The Vengeance Series

A lightweight option for those who don’t need a winch, the Vengeance Series features a sleek design that provides top-tier protection for your Bronco. Like all Fab Fours bumpers, Vengeance bumpers are made from 100% US steel here in South Carolina, USA. 

This bumper offers mounting options on each side for maximum LED light coverage, and allows for an integrated 20-inch Rigid Industries LED light bar. For added protection, we recommend the pre-runner guard option. However, this bumper is also available without a guard. 

The Vengeance series is not just about aesthetics and lighting. The fit of this Ford Bronco front bumper is high and tight, hugging the contours of your vehicle, and features lower cutouts that optimize airflow. With the Vengeance Series, you’re getting more than just a bumper; you’re enhancing both your vehicle and your adventures.

Looking for a matching rear bumper? Check out the Vengeance rear bumper.

bronco matrix bumper

The Matrix Series

Do you wish you could combine the winch functionality of the Premium bumper with the style of the Vengeance? You’re in luck. The Matrix Series was engineered to give you the best slim-fitting steel Ford Bronco front bumper in the truck game. 

Like the Vengeance bumper, the Matrix bumper also includes various lighting options. This bumper comes ready to hold a 20″ single-row light bar and (4) 3×3 LED cube lights. 

The fit of the Matrix bumper is designed to be lightweight and tight to the frame, allowing for greater tire clearance. It is also winch-ready, a necessary extra for those who enjoy rock or mudding trails and might end up in some sticky situations. Matrix bumpers are available in a no-guard or pre-runner guard style.

bronco stubby bumper fab fours

Stubby Bumper

The Stubby bumper is a classic for a reason. This bumper is made from tough, 3/16” American steel that can really stand up to some abuse. Full welded both inside and out, it’s coated in a 2 stage matte black powder coating and comes either with or without the protective front tube steel guard – your choice. 

It’s got a narrow length and tapered ends in a knife-edge design, so you get maximum tire clearance while still protecting your Bronco. It’s also winch-ready, with an included winch tray plus a lot of other great features like integrated tow hooks and D-rings, as well as built-in fog light housings that use the factory lights or can be replaced with 3 x 3” pod lights.

Built with pride in the USA, this bumper is made to last and be durable enough to protect as well as fit the character and iconic spirit of the Bronco.

No matter what bumper you choose, there is no doubt that the Ford Bronco lifestyle is one that demands rugged protection, durability, and style. With Fab Fours’ bumpers, it’s not just about upgrading your Bronco; it’s about investing in a durable product that ensures your vehicle is ready for any challenge, embodying the spirit of wild and free exploration that the Bronco represents. So, buckle up, hit the trails, and keep adventure alive with the confidence that comes with Fab Fours’ protection. Your Bronco deserves nothing less.

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