Here’s What to Pack in Your Jeep JK for Your Next Off-Road Adventure


We’re all spending a lot more time outdoors these days, thanks in part to the circumstances given to us just last year. And while some individuals are quick to invest in luxury motorhomes in order to traverse the States, there are still many of us who prefer to explore with our families and favorite 4x4s instead.

Space and weight are two important considerations when it comes to packing for these cross-country road trips, as both will be in high demand inside your Jeep JK. Here are some ways to safely store and even get back some of the coveted space for your next off-road camping trip in your Jeep JK! 

Ensure There Are No Loose Liquids

Safety is essential, particularly when transporting some sticky substances like kerosene or gasoline. If you’re headed to the backwoods, having something extra for your tank is a great idea, but be sure to store it safely, like with this under seat fluid storage accessory. This will keep things from not only rolling around on the floor as you ride off into the great unknown — but will prevent toxic spills, too!

Optimize Your Storage Space

Depending on the amount of additional space you need, there are a variety of options when it comes to optimizing your storage space inside the Jeep JK. 

For one, you can use something handy like this rear cargo divider to add an extra level of space in the trunk. Still tight on space? That’s where roof racks come in handy. Throw your extra baggage up top and free up some much-needed leg room in your 4×4. 

Plus, for those who intend to camp out deep in the woods, many roof rack options include built-in lights to help automatically illuminate the area around your vehicle! 

Always Be Prepared for the Worst

Much like bringing along extra gasoline just in case, carrying extra supplies — particularly supplies that can help you to get out of a bind — is an essential part of any camping plan. Recovery straps are an important part of the recovery equipment you carry in your off-road vehicle at all times, in addition to a tool kit, a first aid kit, and extra water just in case. 

You’ll also need to consider how you’re storing that all-important spare tire. Many 4x4s have that positioned underneath the vehicle, which can make it vulnerable to damage and difficult to access in off-road environments. Instead, consider storing that spare tire via a slant back, off-the-door, or straight across storage solution. 

Now It’s Time to Sit Down & Relax

Last, but certainly not least, the best part about an off-road adventure is kicking back and enjoying a cold one. And you won’t struggle to find storage for your cooler with the help of an off-the-back mount, and it’ll always be within reach. 

You can pack up everything in your Jeep in mere minutes, saving on space without sacrificing on the experience. Keep emergency supplies close at hand and enjoy the extra amenities you can bring, all thanks to a few seamless accessories for your beloved 4×4. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to adventure.

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