Here’s Why You Need to Outfit Your Jeep with Fenders and Flares


Here’s the thing: a good set of fender flares will prevent debris from being kicked up and damaging the sides of your vehicle when running oversized tires on your ride.

And when you’re running your Jeep off-road, you can put a lot more wear-and-tear on the vehicle unintentionally. You’ll likely come across more than one scenario in which your tires are kicking up a whole mess of mud and rocks, beating up the vehicle’s body and scratching that perfect paint job.

Protect your Jeep with a perfectly-fitted fender and flare that not only protects against the elements, but comes with an assortment of other benefits to consider.

Stylish Fender & Flare

Your Jeep is just an extension of your personal style, so you’ll want to outfit it accordingly. Find a fender and flare that makes a statement about you, both on and off the road!

Minimize “ Rock Rash”

There’s more to the fender and flare besides offering a stylish upgrade that pairs well with other exterior accessories, giving your Jeep a more aggressive look. These pieces of protective armor stick out further than your tires, helping to minimize “rock rash” along the side of your Jeep. If you can’t avoid it, better to hit a fender flare than a vehicle panel(s).

Durability to the Max

The most obvious benefit? Durability as you put these parts to the test. From rock crawling to mud bogging, these fenders and flares are solid US Steel, more durable than a piece of plastic.

Light the Way

Another fun feature of certain styles of these Jeep fenders and flares is the option to integrate your own lights into them, offering additional visibility out on the trail.

Legal On-Road Solution

Most states have a legal requirement that fenders and flares must cover the tread of the tire (or in some cases, the full tire) as a lack of covering can easily kick up debris and rocks at other cars when on the road.

Isn’t it time to safeguard your Jeep from dirt, rocks, and other off-road hazards with a set of Jeep fender flares and fenders?

Jeep Fender & Flare on the trails

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