Here’s Why You Should Consider an Open Fender System


Part of the fun that comes with owning a truck or sport utility vehicle is all the new add-ons you can use to enhance your off-road experience. If you spend any amount of time on the trails you know that larger wheels are always the better choice for off-road adventuring.

But not everyone wants to invest the time and money into a lift kit for their vehicle — after all, these can be fairly expensive and will somewhat alter the integrity of your stock parts. And while a lift kit might be the best option for some, it doesn’t have to be the only option for tire upgrades.

Instead, Fab Fours has created an open fender system that allows you to run bigger tires without a lift kit. That’s right: no need for a lift kit. You’re not cutting, welding, or replacing any necessary suspension components in order to get these tires to fit.

Learn how the Open Fender System works.

Keep Your Vehicle At Stock Height

This means you can keep your vehicle at stock height while still utilizing larger tires for a better off-road experience. The open fender system offers a revolutionary way for you to run those gigantic 40” tires without rubbing — and even larger tires in certain situations.

Ride Comfortably and Smoothly

It’s also easier to park your vehicle — and drive in general. It’s an overall smoother factory ride, and comfort is key especially out on the trails!

Lower Center of Gravity

With a lower center of gravity, your vehicle is far less likely to tip — helping you to maintain an aggressive stance at all times. After all, maintaining a lower center of gravity is always a good thing when you’re off-roading.

Maintain Utility

You’ll also maintain the utility of your truck, so you’ll always have easy access and won’t need other add-ons like ladders or running boards. And lifted trucks are notoriously difficult to get in and out of easily, particularly when trying to get things in and out of the bed.

Open Fender Easy Access to Bed
Open Fender System allows easy access to your truck bed.

Tow with Ease

And towing capabilities are there without the need for an additional kit. If you’re in the business of towing trailers on a regular basis, a lifted truck will require an expensive drop hitch. You’ll still be able to haul a trailer while simultaneously fitting those extra large tires under the truck. It’s the best of both worlds!

Easy towing capability with no need for a drop hitch.

When your vehicle is lifted, it makes everything just a little more difficult in the end. Now, thanks to this new solution, you can save yourself both money and frustration, and spend more of your time out on the trails enjoying your next big adventure!

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