Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to an Aftermarket Jeep Bumper

Jeep Aftermarket Bumper

Any off-roading expert will tell you that OEM bumpers aren’t the best Jeep bumpers to use for an all-terrain adventure. In fact, these factory-issued bumpers won’t be able to fully protect your vehicle when you’re traveling off-road — and it won’t allow you to take full advantage of your 4×4 either!

Investing in aftermarket bumpers is important for the total protection and recovery of your Jeep, from front to back. Here’s why:

Protection and Safety First

Protect your 4×4 with full steel aftermarket bumpers and in turn you’ll be protecting yourself and your family whether you’re off the beaten path or driving down the highway.

The bumpers that came standard with your Jeep weren’t designed to handle more than a typical traffic incident, despite what they may advertise in those Jeep commercials. Taking your vehicle off-the-road means you’ll be encountering lots of rugged terrain, including rocks, steep hills, uneven ground — and more.

For example, our Lifestyle Winch Bumpers offer more stylish, high clearance options, designed specifically focused on strength and rock-clearing abilities. This is one of the best Jeep bumpers because it is able to be outfitted with a Winch, D-Rings and LED lights for complete visibility day or night.

Functionality On and Off-Road

Did you know that every Fab Fours premium aftermarket bumper is developed with full function in mind for your vehicles absolute best performance? That’s right, we help take your vehicle’s performance and capability to the next level.

All Jeep bumpers Fab Fours designs are fully functional both on and off-road so you’re not weighed down with bulky bumpers that only make sense for back country adventuring.

Fab Fours’ Matrix Front Bumper showcases functionality at its best. This slim-fitting steel bumper perfectly combines style and utility for your Jeep. The aggressive and sleek design of this bumper allows for customization allowing you to run a winch, D-rings. light bar and LED pod lights.

Looking for something that’s more street style? Try the Vengeance Front Bumper from Fab Fours for a high and tight fit that contours to your Jeep JL. These bumpers are the best for Jeeps because they are engineered to be lightweight and offer the perfect sleek and stylish finish to the vehicle. Plus, you can outfit it with a 20” light bar, up to (4) 3×3 LED pod lights and choose whether you want it with or with out a guard.

Best-in-Class Products

If you’re going to invest in a steel bumper to properly protect your 4×4, you’re going to want it to be a best-in-class product. Fab Fours’ products offer the highest level of quality and utility, and is proud to manufacture all products exclusively in the United States.

The Fab Fours Stubby Bumper offers the best strength and durability while coming in at the right price point across the industry! Beyond that, installation is seamless. Many aftermarket steel bumpers can be installed quickly and easily, with little to no downtime time for your vehicle.

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