3 Ways Aftermarket Bumpers Enhance Your Off-Road Vehicle


The everyday driver probably doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not their bumper is actually up to protecting their vehicle in emergency situations. But all off-road experts understand just how crucial that piece of armor can be when it comes to all-terrain adventures.

Jeeps and trucks are inherently rugged, created to encounter more than just daily road conditions, but unfortunately factory bumpers are not. That’s why many off-roaders choose to invest in full-steel aftermarket bumpers to replace the stock ones that originally came with their vehicle.

Off-road aftermarket bumpers are an easy modification to make to your four-wheel drive, and will offer a variety of benefits to keep you safe both on and off the road. Here are the top three ways aftermarket bumpers can help your vehicle make it through while on the trails.

Greater Tire Clearance

An aftermarket bumper is designed to increase your vehicle’s approach and departure angles, and offer greater tire clearance overall to avoid any rubbing. And if you’ve added larger tires to your vehicle for additional clearance, you’re going to need a bumper that doesn’t get in the way.

For example, Fab Fours’ Grumper permits more tire clearance than the average stock bumper, and even has space for a front camera option depending on the model of truck. Plus, lower skid plate cutouts offer increased airflow for better aerodynamics.

Winch-Ready for Sticky Situations

Stock bumpers are too weak to leverage a winch, so you need a bumper that’s strong enough to offer a variety of vehicle recovery options. And if you’ve ever gotten your 4×4 stuck while out adventuring, you know how frustrating it can be to sit around waiting for someone to come bail you out. Now, thanks to your new aftermarket bumper, you’re able to pull yourself out of nearly any sticky situation!

Be sure to find an aftermarket bumper that has winch compatibility so you can mount a winch at a later date if you’d like!

Toyota Tacoma Winch Ready Bumper
Winch Ready Bumper | Toyota Tacoma

100% Protection, 24/7

Utilizing the right bumpers can impact the longevity of your vehicle because they deflect rocks and other hazards, protecting both the front and rear of your vehicle from a variety of things. Little bumps and knicks won’t even show up on these heavy-duty bumpers, saving you years before signs of damage begin to show. Many steel bumpers are also designed to sync up with your vehicle’s impact sensors so airbags remain active in case of emergency.

Replacing your factory-made bumper with an aftermarket steel bumper should be one of the first modifications you make on your vehicle. It will boost your confidence and ability to scale new all-terrain challenges and will keep you and your passengers safe – both on and off the road.

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