Jeep Roof Racks: The Key to Extra Space

overland Rack Jeep Gladiator

There’s no denying that one of life’s simple pleasures is packing up the Jeep for a weekend adventure – but when it comes to finding adequate storage space, what’s the secret? Hint: finding alternative storage options outside of the vehicle.

Did you know that you can get three times the amount of storage space in your Jeep when you use a roof rack?

That’s a ton of extra space!

But what kind of roof rack makes the most sense to pair with your Jeep? We here at Fab Fours always have a few options all ready for you!

The Jeep Gladiator Overland Rack

The Overland Rack is perfect for loading and securing all of the important items – like your tent and sleeping bag, your food and drink coolers, repair tools and emergency gear – pretty much everything you aren’t stowing inside your Jeep.

The top benefits of this Jeep Gladiator roof rack include: expandable design with multiple tie-down points or mounting points, integrated light options, ability to create a solid floor with extra cross members, integrated roof access step, and the toughest roof rack in the bunch!

It’s even sturdy enough to be used with some rooftop tents if you want to sleep off the ground! This Jeep Gladiator hard top roof rack is the perfect solution for the adventurous spirits out there.

overland Rack Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Gladiator Overland Rack

Jeep JK or Jeep JL Roof Rack System

This universal solution will perfectly fit your Jeep JK or Jeep JL roof rack needs, and comes in three sizes: 48 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches long. With tie-down points and space for multiple lights to be included, this Jeep roof rack can be mounted wherever you need it! It can handle upwards of 60 lbs of cargo – plenty of room for all your storage needs!

Pick your color: matte black or bare steel? You can’t go wrong either way.

Jeep Gladiator All New Adjustable Rack System

Check out Fab Fours’ newest adjustable rack system, created to perfectly fit your Jeep Gladiator! This Jeep Gladiator roof rack exemplifies Fab Fours’ superior craftsmanship and style in the market, and whose 11 gauge US steel is made 100% right here in the US of A.

With multiple mounting points and tie down points, pod mounts for LED lighting, easy roof access thanks to an integrated step, this bad boy can hold upwards of 700 lbs of static weight – or 300 lbs of dynamic weight.

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