What Type of Fab Fours Front Bumper Do You Need?

Dodge TRX Front Bumper

Upgrading your truck or 4×4’s front bumper is a no brainer: not only will it increase the protection level for your vehicle, it will increase how aggressive and functional your vehicle can be both on and off the road.

But what’s the “right” bumper for your particular situation? That all depends on what’s most important to you. Here’s how Fab Fours’ diverse line of front bumpers measure up to one another so you can select the one that’s going to work best for your Jeep or truck.

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Jeep Enthusiasts Unite: Meet the Stubby Bumper

Engineered with the Jeep Purist in mind, this ultra-narrow design offers maximum tire clearance for the Jeep JL and JT Gladiator. It’s also winch-ready, with a winch plate included, as well as seamlessly integrated D-rings, tow hooks, and fog light housings incorporated into its sleek design. It comes with or without the guard, and provides ultimate strength and durability for whatever the trail sends your way.

A Blend of Strength, Practicality, and Affordability: Here’s the Red Steel Front Bumper

If you’re looking for a winch-ready design that can hold upwards of 12,000 lbs, look no further! The Red Steel front bumper includes integrated shackle mounts, side mounting slots and tabs so you can customize your light situation, and optimum tire clearance. Finding a new way to protect your truck’s front bumper doesn’t have to break the bank, thanks to this affordable solution!

A Lightweight and Sleek Solution: Hello, Vengeance Front Bumper

This new line of lightweight, steel sensor bumpers were created to offer a sleek solution that lights up the night. Riding high and tight on your vehicle with lower cutouts to provide increased airflow, you don’t need to worry about tire clearance issues!

New Look, Same Unmatched Reputation: It’s the New Premium Winch Bumper

If there were three words to accurately describe the reimagined Fab Fours’ Premium Winch Bumper, they would have to include “strength”, “durability”, and “style”. And, if the word “premium” didn’t already give it away, this front bumper solution is one of the highest quality options found on the market today! You can even pick a full guard, pre-runner guard, or no guard bumper option!

The Best of Both Worlds: Welcome, Matrix Front Bumper

By combining all the best parts of our Premium Winch Bumper with our Vengeance Series, the Matrix Front Bumper is a slim-fitting truck bumper option that is ready to be customized with a variety of lighting and winch add-ons. With this option, you can do awesome things AND look cool while doing them, on and off the road.

Fab Fours’ Newest Release – Introducing the Truck Grumper 2.0

Truck lovers, listen up! This revolutionary combination of both a grille and a winch front bumper is fully customizable so you can decide what it can handle. Removable inserts, integrated light bar or LED light options, and lower cutout for increased airflow, this aggressive and refined design is changing the way we look at truck front bumpers both today and in the future.

Fab Fours: A Company Who Does It Best

As a company manufactures its state of the art products right here on American soil, in our massive production facility that’s located in Lancaster, South Carolina, Fab Fours’ steel bumpers are amongst the strongest and best on the market.

Fab Fours maintains a strong emphasis on progressive design concepts, the highest in-house quality control, and best-in-class American-made steel products. When in doubt, Fab Fours has a solution.

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