How to Install the Fab Fours Jeep JL Grumper


If you’ve been thinking about buying the amazing Jeep JL Grumper grille and bumper combo replacement bumper by Fab Fours, check out this video.

Watch as we show you step-by-step how easy it is to put together your 2019 Jeep JL Grumper and install it to transform your Jeep in literally an hour or two!

Installing a Jeep JL Grumper Front Bumper

Today, we’re going to install the Grumper from Fab Fours on this 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL.

Now if you have the included fender system, you will not install the end cap like this; you’re gonna leave that bare so your Grumper is gonna look like this on both sides.

If you don’t have the fender system, you’ll install the end caps so it’ll look like this on both sides.

Let’s go ahead and get started!

Now with the Grumper on the ground, we’re gonna go ahead and prep it and get it ready to install onto the truck.

What we’ve got to do is install first the grille portion; this is the part that comes with the Grumper.

You would go ahead and install that now if you did not get your light bar grill mount; that’s this piece right here.

Then install the exact same way to the shell of the bumper; however, this does need some assembly before it goes on.

So we’re gonna take the lower mesh and install that to the bottom side of the light bar mount using the coded 5/16” hardware that’s included.

Once that’s assembled, go ahead and install the light bar mount to the Grumper.

First the skin goes on and then the light bar mount goes over top of that; we will use the decorative 5/16” hardware to install that together.

Now that I’ve got all the decorative bolts holding the light bar mount assembly in place, I’m gonna go ahead and hold them still with a 3/16” Allen wrench and tighten down the nut side with a ½” ratchet.

If you do not have the fender system from Fab Fours, we’ll go ahead and install the end caps.

What we’ll do is we’ll take our large bolts with washers, slide them through the large oval holes in the end cap and get them lined up to the side of the Grumper while we’re sliding the tabs into the top side of the Grumper, slide the bolts into the holes on the side of the Grumper.

Then we’ll use a flat washer, lock washer, and nut on each one of the large bolts.

Now we’ll go ahead and install our 5/16” decorative hardware into the tabs on the top of the Grumper.

Now if you do not have the fender system and you’re going this route, go ahead and get this all lined up and tighten this hardware down at this point and repeat the same process on the opposite side.

We do have the fender system, so I’m gonna go ahead and remove this.

Next we’ll go ahead and install the light bar, our winch, and go ahead and remove all of our caps that are protecting our threads.

Okay, now let’s go ahead and take a look at the grille itself.

This grill has to come off; we’ve got six push pins along the top that need to pop out.

Once those pushpins come out, we can go ahead and pull from the bottom and release the grille from the clips below.

Now we need to remove these two plastics; those come off very easily.

This one only has two push pins, this one has a couple of push pins and also a couple of Torx bolts that are going through.

Those need to come out with a T-20, but before this one can come out, we need to loosen up this support with a T-30; get that out of the way so we can pull out that T-20.

Once the plastic’s out of the way, we can put the Torx T-30 back in place to re-secure this support.

Now we’re gonna go ahead and remove both of our headlights and both come out the exact same way.

We’ve got a 10 mm, we’re gonna take out three bolts, remove the headlight and disconnect it, and make sure we keep our passenger side and the driver’s side separated from each other so we know which one goes back in which location.

Both of the headlight supports have to be trimmed before the Grumper can go into place and Fab Fours has given us some adhesive templates to cut around, so we’re just gonna cut around where the red is and do that on both sides.

Be careful with this; wear some protective eye wear.

Now we’re gonna go ahead and re-install our headlights; we’re gonna put them on the exact same way they came off.

Now your Grumper’s going to install back onto the Jeep pretty much the same way the factory bumper came off.

We’ve got four bolts on each side that are coming out of the bumper that’s going to slide into the four holes in the frame.

Now go ahead and put it on.

Now for each one of those threaded studs, we’re gonna go ahead and slide on a flat washer, lock washer nut that’s provided in the kit and tighten them down.

Well, that concludes the installation.

If you have any questions call the experts or visit us online.

Can you believe how easy that was and how great that Jeep JL grumper looks?

Whether you’ve already installed Fab Fours open fender system for the Jeep JL or are staying with the stock fenders, a Jeep JL Grumper is a great-looking, great-performing mod that will give your Jeep extreme front-end protection and that rugged, aggressive look that you love!

Fab Fours 2019 Jeep JL Grumper

Superior Protection – Innovative Design – Easy to Install!

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