Premium Vs. Vengeance: Selecting the Right Rear Bumper

Vengeance Bumper

Bumpers are traditionally known to reduce or prevent physical damage to your vehicle during low-speed crashes. But when it comes to taking your 4×4 off-road, bumpers become so much more important. Aftermarket bumpers are especially important, since they not only allow your vehicle to have extreme levels of physical protection and prevent costly damage, but they increase the strength and stability needed to make a safe recovery.

But what kind of truck rear bumper does your vehicle need? That all depends on what you’re hoping to do with your truck — and the type of look you want to achieve. Fab Fours offers a diverse range of options, but two in particular are often the most popular: the Vengeance Rear Bumper and the Premium Rear Bumper options.

The Vengeance Series: If Looks Could Kill

The Vengeance Series rear replacement bumper offers both superior strength and aesthetic styling to create one of the coolest looks on the market. The two frontal openings allow light installation for either dually lights or light bars and are sensor compatible so you don’t lose any functionality. These steel rear bumpers are lightweight and offer an angular, sleek look for your vehicle!

The Premium Series: Functionality at its Finest

The Premium Series rear replacement bumper can easily integrate into the existing receiver hitch, and is designed with total functionality in mind. The formed-steel increases the aftermarket rear bumper’s durability, and offers lower, integrated steps on either side of the tailgate for easy access both in and out of the truck! It also allows for rear d-ring recovery points, to get you out of tight spots much easier.

Fab Fours is currently running a special on Premium and Vengeance Rear Bumpers.

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