Selecting the Right Replacement Bumper for Your Truck

Ford aftermarket bumper

The summer season always comes with the growing desire to spend more and more time outside, particularly for those of us who get to jump into their trucks and head off-grid.

Whether you’re into overlanding, rock crawling, or even mudding, a smart off-road enthusiast understands that their factory-grade bumpers just won’t cut it. OEM bumpers were never designed with off-road conditions in mind, which is why it’s essential to outfit your vehicle with the right aftermarket bumpers since there’s a few different options available on the market.

After all, your vehicle deserves to have the best bumpers that they make! Not just to enhance its overall appearance, but to also keep you and your riders safe both on and off the road.

Here are the three questions you should ask yourself before choosing the right aftermarket bumper for your truck.

“What’s more important to me: functionality or aesthetics?”

Depending on the type of all-terrain adventures you’re looking to take your truck out on, functionality may be a stronger motivating factor for your steel aftermarket bumper purchase. Fab Fours specifically manufactures all its bumpers with full functionality in mind, so your truck isn’t weighed down with bulky, off-road-only parts. Fab Fours rear bumpers include additional tow-hook locations and integrated steps to help in reaching the inside or top of your vehicle.

So many of Fab Fours’ aftermarket truck bumpers also encompass the right aesthetic look, so you can enjoy an aggressive and sleek design that still operates with full functionality!

“Do I want to add a winch or lights to my new bumper?”

A factory-grade bumper isn’t going to withstand the stress a winch puts on it when in use, so find a replacement bumper that will allow you to pull yourself out of tight spots or help a friend in need out on the trail.

Light mounts are also an essential element to consider on a new bumper set, as they help increase your area of visibility, especially at night.

“Where do I go to get the highest quality steel aftermarket bumpers?”

You never want to settle for less than best, particularly when it comes to your replacement bumpers, so it only makes sense to invest in ones manufactured in the United States.

USA-made products, particularly steel bumpers, are held to higher standards in America for both the raw materials and the welding process, producing best-in-class replacement bumper options that know how to do their job. Fab Fours is proud to manufacture exclusively within the United States.

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