Protecting Your Front Bumper – Which Coating is Best?

The 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Front Bumpers and 2019 Chevy HD Premium Front Bumpers that are made by Fab Fours typically come finished in black powder coat so you can just assemble them out of the box and mount them right up.

Like almost all of Fab Fours bumpers, you don’t have only the choice of the black powder coat if you’re after a more unique look.

Although powder coat is a strong finish for protecting any metal, there are many other options when you want to create a certain look while warding off corrosion and surface damage.

Custom Paint Coat

An easy and expensive way to finish a metal bumper like the 2019 Dodge HD Open Fender Vengeance Front Bumper and give it a unique look, either in your same truck color or a contrasting color, is with automotive paint.

It can be done in any automotive paint shop and involves little more than spraying all the parts of the bumper, reassembling it, then putting it on the truck – couldn’t be easier!

On the positive side, painting is a very easy and affordable choice for finishing your metal bumper and you have an endless selection of paint types and colors to choose from if you’re not just painting the bumpers to match your truck color.

On the negative side, paint is the least durable option for finishing your bumper because it can be scratched just like the paint on your truck and then require re-painting if the coating is damaged.

Custom Chrome Coat

If you like the look of shiny chrome rather than paint, it’s also possible to get your custom replacement bumper chrome coated.

Chrome coating in either single or triple layer can be applied by those paint shops equipped to do it.

It’s a longer process; however, the results can be beautiful, especially with a custom bumper like those available from Fab Fours.

Chrome is more durable than paint when properly applied and maintained; it is also more corrosion resistant.

Yet there are some drawbacks to using chrome coat for your 2019 Chevy HD Premium Front replacement bumper that should be considered:

  • Other than the higher cost, the primary disadvantage is that chrome coating is significantly more rigid than a coating of paint and can crack.
  • Fine cracks in the chrome allow moisture underneath, compromising its corrosion-resistance properties.
  • The application of chrome coating comes with a number of environmental and health concerns as well.

Powder Coat

Powder coat is really the best of both worlds, a combination between paint and a layer of chrome that has additional advantages:

  • Although black is most common, powder coat can also be applied in a selection of colors to suit your style.
  • Because it involves a process that actually heat bonds the particles of powdered pigment to the metal, it retains slight flexibility so it won’t crack.
  • The resulting ceramic-like coating is extremely damage and corrosion-resistant, which is why it’s a great choice for a replacement bumper like the 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Front Bumper.
  • The process is also more environmentally friendly than applying a coat of chrome.
  • It is a more durable coating that will outlast other options and provide optimal protection against corrosion.

The main downside to powder coat is that it involves a very detailed process of preparation, coating, and curing which means only certain shops can do it and the cost is considerably higher than paint or chrome.

Which Coating Should You Choose?

That answer for your 2019 GMC HD Vengeance Front Bumper should depend on three things:

  1. The look you want for your truck.
  2. The level of corrosion resistance you’d like to gain.
  3. Your budget for getting the bumper refinished.

If you want color, paint and powder coat are your two choices; if you want durability, powder coat and to a slightly lesser extent chrome coat are great options; if you just want to keep things simple, go with the normal black powder coat.

Just open the box containing your 2019 Dodge HD Open Fender Vengeance Front Bumper from Fab Fours, put it together, and bolt it on – ;no custom finishing is necessary!

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