Avoid Disasters with a Detailed Off-Road Checklist


A significant and dangerous threat when off-roading deep in remote areas is breaking down, a potential disaster that could leave you miles from help and faced with things such as exposure to the weather, wild animals, and running out of water among others.

Fortunately if you plan ahead before heading out in your off-roader, you reduce the chance of breaking down as well as having a way to get yourself going again in the event that a breakdown is inevitable.

Good planning turns a potential off-road disaster into a situation you can easily handle! Do your research and know what to carry during off-roading. Our off-road checklist is a great place to start!

1. Inspect Your Vehicle Beforehand

Prevention is the best medicine, whether talking about our own health or that of our off-road truck or Jeep.

Good routine maintenance is the basis of all vehicle health and a thorough once-over should be done before you head out to the trail.

Change and refill all your fluids, then do an inspection of your off-roader looking for leaks, breaks, cracks, tears, bad connections, and anything else under the hood or under the chassis that could turn into a potential problem once bouncing down the trails.

Make sure your battery is sufficiently attached and all your electrical parts are working correctly so that you set out in a fully-functional vehicle!

2. Carry the Right Emergency Gear

When consulting this off-road checklist, go ahead and list out the emergency gear, repair parts and tools that you will need to bring. Pack your vehicle with the emergency gear you might need to deal with a variety of off-road emergencies, from getting stuck and in need of a winch to someone suffering an injury.

Keep a full set of recovery gear in your truck including a portable shovel and heavy work gloves as well as survival gear such as an extensive first aid kit, fire extinguisher, compass and maps, tire repair items and air compressor, a charged battery jump start, and more.

If you have a winch bumper, unspool the winch and check the cable as well as the entire winch, then re-spool it to be ready for use.

3. Carry the Right Repair Parts

Naturally, there are some breakdowns that will be exceptionally difficult to make out in the field; however, you can still prepare for the ones you will most likely experience.

Bring along spare parts like hoses and hose clamps, belts, all filters your vehicle uses, extra oil as well as a set of spark plugs, brake line, valve stems with cores, a spare tire, wiper blades, and even a spare u-joint since that’s a commonly damaged item.

Bring along anything you think you could break while out having fun to make repairs where you are and keep on rolling or at the very least, get your off-roading truck back home.

4. Carry the Right Tools

The last thing to consider when planning to avoid an off-road disaster is the tools you’ll need to make those repairs with the above parts.

While it’s always a good idea to carry a good-sized tool kit with you for emergencies in the field, make sure you’ve got any special tools not part of a standard kit that you might need for use with your off-roader’s specific parts or repairs.

Having the replacement part does you no good if the tool you need to make the necessary repairs isn’t included with your repair kit!

Plan Carefully to Avoid Unexpected Surprises

Though your goal for a day of trail conquests in your off-roading truck or Jeep is naturally to ride the hills and trails to tackle any obstacles without issue, you might eventually face a breakdown that changes everything.

The best way to prevent that from happening is with a thorough vehicle inspection before you even leave home.

Beyond that, if you pack your Jeep or truck with the parts, tools, and emergency gear you’ll need if you do have to fix something, your day is not completely lost.

If you utilize this off-road checklist, you’ll have everything you need to make repairs and keep on going!

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