See These Unprecedented New 2019 Jeep JL Products!


It’s been a busy time at Fab Fours as we’re turning out more and more incredible products for the Jeep JL and JT!

There are some new items now available:

  1. Jeep JL Lifestyle Winch Bumper
  2. Jeep JL Light Fender System
  3. Jeep JL Optional Inner Fender
  4. Jeep JL Vicowl
  5. Jeep JL ViCowl Limb Riser
  6. Jeep JL Rock Sliders
  7. Jeep JL Modular Rear Fender System – Full Width
  8. Jeep JL Tire Carrier
  9. Jeep JL Rear Bumper
  10. Jeep JL License Plate Holder
  11. Jeep JL Matrix Front Bumper
  12. Jeep JL Modular Rear Fender System – Narrow
  13. Jeep JL Grumper Fender System (Front)
  14. Jeep JL Rear Fender One-Piece System

Check out this video featuring these great accessories you can now add to your Jeep so it’s the best-looking one out there!

I’m Greg Higgs, founder of Fab Fours and I’m also very passionate about the product development process.

I mean, I love sketching stuff late into the night and then letting my team bring it to life.

We have six dedicated resources focus on nothing but R and D, so we are developing SKUs for trucks, Jeeps, everything in between and all our different brands.

So I’ll take you into this area, Building One, and we will go product by product to show you what’s up.

Jeep JL Lifestyle Winch Bumper

All right, so the JL premium front has everything you’re looking for in a bumper; every feature, we’re checking the box.

So, we are high and tight, recessing the winch to a small frame between the frame rails.

That’s what you want to do to keep it low for airflow, that also keeps it up out of the way from damage.

All 3/16” construction, these 3⁄4” hook/D-ring mounts wrap around the front, very cool feature, and you have integrated lights.

So that’s kind of the old formula for our premium line where you are getting 90 mm fogs and 60 mm turns included, both LEDs.

1-¾” tubing, this thing is as strong as you’re gonna get while keeping the semi-full width.

You know, we don’t want to extend past the fenders but we don’t want to give the cops something to look at either.

So you’re getting full-width protection, high and tight, 3/16,” ¾” D-rings, winch ready with lights included, all in one.

Now, unlike the old B1850 of ours, we had a lot of requests, if you’re not running a winch, that it doesn’t look empty.

This bumper provides that as we give you a plate to cover that whole access area.

So you can get into the bumper first, have all the protection you need, and get that winch second down the road and open it at that time.

Jeep JL Light Fender System

All right, the flare system for the JL, very proud of this piece.

Both the base fender, which is an entire replacement of this quarter panel, and the flare system are integrated in that product.

As shown, we’ve added the optional gill box, which is for light and style, just tying the whole thing in together but this is very trick how we integrated the factory LEDs.

Many have tried, most have failed; this is the way to do it, clean, high, and tight.

So along with that, you can do a different color.

In this case, we wrapped this top plate, but it has everything you need for a direct bolt-on; very easy and it’s going to give you the maximum tire clearance without cutting into the cab area.

Right here, we’ve got the gill box; if the customer has to ask what’s that for, it’s probably not for them because it’s self-explanatory.

If it looks cool to you, that’s what it’s for.

It holds an LED light, so it’s already got the mount in there which gives it a sweet back glow.

And not to be confusing, it’s the same part number for both the JK and the JL because we constrained the design around both fender systems that have the same profile on the back.

So one part number will get you done, but the gill box is a sweet addition to our fender system – ties it together, keeps that D-flow right into the door and allows you to have that backlit gill.

Jeep JL Optional Inner Fender

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may be interested in our inner fender system.

So, it’s one of those things that’s utility-based, just a way to cover and protect the engine compartment; but in our case, we’ve done it right.

Easy to bolt in, it’s going to give you all the clearance for the factory components and protect that inner bay while integrating with our fender system.

If you live somewhere really dry, garage keeping it, maybe not a big deal; but if you’re gonna get in the Northeast and in the salt and calcium bromide, good thing to have.

Jeep JL ViCowl

Okay, the JL ViCowl – again, this is another product.

What’s its purpose? To be fun; you don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s really cool.

Just draws attention to the Jeep and it was another place that we could be custom.

So it’s a little different than the JK but mostly that’s just in the mounting necessity of the way that they had the A-pillar.

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same style and in the same case, it’ll come with a cover plate but then you have two options: you can either run 4 duallys so it’s got slots for those or a 20” light bar.

Just another great way to hold lights up there.

Jeep JL ViCowl Limb Risers

And I will segue right into our limb riser system.

So it can either work with the ViCowl or it comes with the bracketry required to go without the ViCowl; so either way, we’ll pull that off.

Now limb riser, that hails back to the Camel Trophy days where its purpose is to let the branch hit it and rise it up and over the truck rather than just bringing a branch right into the windshield.

Really good idea when you’ve got a ViCowl, something’to hang and, just like Fab Fours standards, we couldn’t make it plain vanilla, had to add in some of these features that actually harken back to Chimera with kind of that fin-style.

It’s really cool, you can change the colors on it, little pieces and it’s just something else to make your Jeep stand apart.

Jeep JL Rock Sliders

Check out our sliders.

So we call them the light sliders, but that has nothing to do with the construction of it.

It’s actually heavy-duty, all 3/16,” can take any impact you want, but it does come with integrated Rock Light mounts.

We love having an undercarriage glow, which is just fun in the neighborhood but also serves a great purpose off-roading.

Rock Lights come in handy, not only for crawling in the dark but just having light around camp when you’re trying to unload the Jeep and what-not.

These are going to give you the maximum tire opening, so we’re always making sure with each one of our products, we’re starting and progressively getting smaller and not limit tire size.

They have integrated steps to them, a lot of form and function to this, our logos on both sides; and if you follow it all the way to the back, you’ve got a semblance of the gill box that we have on the fender system.

So three slits back here, again you’re gonna get some backlight of that you know glow that’s coming out.

And just because somebody says that it can hold Rock Lights doesn’t mean they go to the level of testing that we do.

We go through numerous iterations to make sure we get just the right pattern on the ground – it’s important.

Jeep JL Modular Rear Fender System – Full Width

So, the rear fender system for the JL, these parts are sold separately.

You’ve got the whole base fender, which is pretty much armoring everything that’s left.

If you took these two doors off, you’ve got Fab Fours tip-to-tail, giving you full trail protection.

The cool thing is, again we were able to standardize the mounts so you can run JK products on the JL in the flares.

So, we’ve got a high and tight and a full width as shown here.

Has that same top color plate that you can use for accentuating, but you already get full protection out of all of this while going around the factory gas cap location on the driver side.

It’s a great piece.

JL Tire Carrier

Okay, rear tire carrier; now this is something I take very seriously, always have.

A tire carrier is a very important piece, not only for the utility of what it does but also just liability, so we do it right.

No corners have ever been cut; we always go in a double shear.

Anytime you see one of those cool aluminum top caps, yeah it looks fun, but that’s a misuse of a trailer spindle is what they’re doing; that is not the intent, this thing’s not going at a fricking 5000 rpm.

This thing only has to go from here to here and be bomber strong, so that’s what we do.

This is an in-house machined shaft inside, collars top and bottom, held by a collet that’s in double shear; that is going nowhere.

All of our tire carriers then, in a five-point stance, you’ve got one at the pivot, then we do two heims, we do two landing pads.

This in particular, right here, is our fixed tire carrier; we also have a slant back that is adjustable.

Jeep JL Rear Bumper

But as for the bumper, it’s still trying to be as high and tight as possible, all 3/16” construction, sensor compatible, works with the factory hitch, has recessed ¾” inch D-ring mounts, and then these bolt-on cover plates which give you the option of keeping it clean-looking when you don’t have a tire carrier and doing some color options there.

High, tight and strong; that’s what we do with tire carriers.

Jeep JL License Plate Bracket

Can’t get too mad at Fab Fours, the entire industry was dealt a tough blow here with the JL and how they positioned the license plate.

Really, there’s no good way to execute that except finding a way to just get it out of the way of the door, which we have.

So, this is sold separately.

If you can find a way to mount it differently, hide it, stick it in the window, more power to you but most need these and we do so much dealership work, we had to pull off and execute it in a good way.

You’ve got an integrated license plate light and a bomber bracket because we knew it was going to be hanging out here.

So again, all 3/16,” you’re gonna have the strength that you need, just a whole little old plate out of the way.

Jeep JL Matrix Front Bumper

All right, given the number of Jeeps we’ve got around here, you’d think we’d always have one ready and waiting; but there’s so many engineers, so many concurrent projects, so we just pull in another employee’s Jeep.

You’ve got our Matrix system on here.

So the Matrix is really the culmination of 14 years of bumper manufacturing, integrating the best parts of our Premium tied to that high and tight nature of the Vengeance.

We pulled it all together.

We’ve got this thing totally recessed, can hold a 30” light bar, while holding a small frame winch; it has built-in wing sections and the ability to hold duallys.

We run that all the way up to our trucks and give you this high, tight, but very strong all 3/16” full-width, winch mount bumper.

Jeep JL Modular Rear Fender System – Narrow

All right, we’re at the tail end of the JL here.

Again, you’ve got our base fender system but this is the narrow bolt-on flare; so we have a full-width and a narrow.

One of the advantages to the full-width in addition to matching the full-width front is having the bolt on top that you can optionally color match, whereas the narrow one’s more about high, tight utility.

So it’s giving you that strength and can really pair with any of the front’s, from a full-width Grumper to a narrow Grumper to our full width-front flares, whatever you want.

It’s kind of just the style that you want on the back and how much color coding you want to do and how high and tight you want it.

Jeep JL Grumper Fender System (Front)

The JL and now JT got a little twist on their Grumper systems.

We wanted to have both your standard center Grumper, which can be purchased with a closeout cap to basically lock this in, and still allow you to run either factory fenders or our fender system or you can go all in and tie it together with the full-width flare system.

This is one gigantic piece that replaces the whole quarter panel and integrates directly to the Grumper.

Yes, it is over-the-top, by design; that is the intent, is to be something that says ‘what is that?’

Exactly and in many cases, trust me, at the gas station it’s gonna put a smile on everyone’s face.

This is shown with an optional insert to hold a 20” bar; but in both cases, it’s going to come winch ready for small frame, has integrated 3⁄4” D-ring mounts, it’s bomber.

It can go down the trail, it’s not all about mall crawling.

It’s got the utility you need; but if you want both that and something fun for the 4th of July parade, the full-width Grumper is for you.

Jeep JL Rear Fender One-Piece System

This is an alternate rear for the JL, really intended to pair with our front full width integrated Grumper fender system.

So this is one piece; this is no longer a bolt-on flare, the entire base fender is bolt-on.

It’s got all the protection and utility that you need.

Again, we’ve got you protected tip-to-tail if you take the doors off, but this is just high and tight.

So if you’re going for that overall style, this is the right pair.

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