Take the Quiz: Which Rack System is Right For You?


Take this quiz to see which Fab Fours rack system is the right one for you. 

It’s spring, the perfect time of the year to enjoy some outdoor camping adventures as the weather warms up and the daylight hours stretch a little longer. But loading up your vehicle with all the important gear can be a challenge at times: that’s why it’s important to add a roof rack system to carry all that bulky equipment. Let’s find you the perfect one – take this quiz to see which Fab Fours system is the right one for your next expedition. 

What kind of vehicle are you looking to outfit with a roof rack system?

  1. A Toyota Tacoma
  2. A Jeep Gladiator
  3. Other type of truck

When it comes to a roof rack system, you need it to be:

  1. Expandable
  2. Adjustable
  3. Both!

How much cargo are you looking to store on your roof rack?

  1. Under 500 lbs.
  2. Right around 500 lbs.
  3. More than 500 lbs static weight.

Ready for the results?

If you picked two or more A’s or B’s, the Overland Rack is the right rack system for you!

Overland Rack

The Fab Fours Overland Rack is made with the camping experience in mind. Outfitted for the Jeep Gladiator or the Toyota Tacoma, this system is made for the ultimate adventurous spirit. With multiple mounting points and multiple tie down points, integrated pod mounts, and easy installation, the expandable design allows you to manage your cargo with ease. Plus, you can even make a solid floor for the overland rack (purchased separately) with an extra cross member so you could even use the rack system as the base for your tent to stay off the ground. The Overland Rack has up to 500 lbs of capacity with the two included cross-members, offering superior strength. 

If you picked mostly C’s, you’ll want to go with our Adjustable Rack System. 

Adjustable Rack System

The Adjustable Rack System is your one-size-fits all solution, fitting a variety of makes and models of trucks and offering storage solutions for a wide array of situations. This system has that aggressive Fab Fours’ look, with solid superior craftsmanship and style. There are multiple mounting points and tie down points, pod mounts for four LED lights, and step locations for easy roof access for loading and unloading. The Adjustable Rack System can hold up to 700 lbs of static weight, and 300 lbs of dynamic weight. 

Fab Fours is also offering a $250 rebate on both the Overland and the Adjustable Rack Systems during the month of March: try one for yourself!

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