What Exactly Do Rock Sliders Do?

Doorless jeep on the trails

Summer is finally here and you’re ready to hit the trails. You’ve already outfitted your vehicle with the right steel bumper and tires to take on whatever you’re about to encounter off-road, but what other important piece of equipment might you need to complete your 4×4’s adventure armor? 

Introducing Rock Sliders

Rock Sliders: an aftermarket accessory for four wheel drive vehicles (like a Jeep or Chevy Colorado) that are used for more serious off-road driving. These rock sliders protect the vehicle’s door frames from serious damage that can happen when crossing large obstacles — such as rocks or ruts in the trail!

When Would I Need Rock Sliders?

If you love heading off-road to see the sights, you’re probably going to want to outfit your 4×4 or truck with the right armor. Rocks and deep ruts are both typical hazards you will encounter when out on the trail, so installing rock sliders will protect the rocker panel areas. 

Aren’t Running Boards or Side Steps Enough?

Don’t be confused: running boards and side steps, while convenient for getting in and out of the vehicle, won’t offer your Jeep the necessary protection in heavy-duty situations. These types of steps are made from lighter-weight metals and plastic, and are bolted right into the underside of the body of your vehicle. These steps won’t get you out of a tricky situation!

Rock sliders are crafted from thick steel and are solely designed to protect the rocker panels from serious impacts during rock crawling or off-roading. These pieces of durable body armor are a must if you’re looking to get down and dirty on the trail!

What Types of Rock Sliders are There?

Depending on what 4×4 or truck you’re looking to outfit, Fab Fours has a lot of options for rock sliders: regular rock sliders, tube rock sliders, hardcore rock sliders, and LED light rock sliders. Each of these off-road products is easy to install — in fact, you can be trail-ready in just an hour or two! It’s that simple. 

Don’t take unnecessary risks this summer. Enjoy your time out on the trail and protect your truck or 4×4 properly by using a set of Fab Fours rock sliders. 

See Rock Sliders in Action

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