What Jeep Add-Ons Do I Need?


You’ve already upgraded your Jeep’s stock bumper to an upgraded steel bumper that will protect you and your vehicle in off-roading conditions. You’ve upped your suspension and outfitted your 4×4 with the right tires to do the job. But now what? What’s your next exciting addition to your Jeep’s armor?

Here are a few add-ons and accessories you should consider next. 

Roof Rack System

A roof rack system is a perfect way to free up space in your Jeep, especially if you’re embarking on a multiple day excursion or overlanding adventure. Because there are quite a few options on the market, you’ll just need to figure out which system is going to work best for you. 

Looking to load and secure important camping items for an extended trip? Check out the Overland Rack. Or, need a more universal solution with a few sizes available? Look into the Fab Fours Jeep JK/JL Roof Rack System. Have a Gladiator that needs extra space overhead? We have our all new Adjustable Rack System ready for you!

Tire Carrier

If you’re not already carrying a spare tire with you, you might want to consider adding a tire carrier to your Jeep. These heavy-duty mounts with swing away design will make sure you have that extra wheel when you need it — and keep it conveniently out of the way when you don’t! Depending on what you’re looking for, you may be able to install and use this first ever 5-point off-the-door tire carrier. 

Sway Bar Cover

Who doesn’t like a little extra protection now and then? It can save you time and money down the line! These Jeep sway bar covers are designed with US steel for extra protection and style. 

Tube Doors

Jeeps are the only cars on the road that were specifically designed to be driven without doors — but that doesn’t mean you need to throw all caution to the wind. There’s a level of safety that comes with the right type of door protection, both on and off the road. That’s why tube doors are a perfect option! Fab Fours’ tube doors offer a rattle-free solution that allows you to experience the great outdoors with open visibility, all while still keeping you and your passengers protected inside the vehicle. 

ViCowl and Limb Risers

Protect your windshield and add some additional lighting with the aggressively-designed ViCowl. This accessory combines the roof visor and cowl in a unique style, and it’s simple and quick to install! Add additional strength and defense to your Jeep with Fab Fours’ Limb Risers. Limb Risers protect your Jeep from getting scratched or hung up on branches while you’re on the trails and help to keep those low tree branches from obstructing your view. 

Rock Sliders

Last but not least, you may want to consider adding rock sliders to your Jeep in order to fully protect the rocker panels from trail elements. Sideboards and steps are nice to use when you’re using your vehicle to commute, but these flimsy, plastic pieces aren’t going to cut it when you’re navigating rock piles or deep ruts off-road.

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